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2002 Ranger/2004 Mazda swap


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September 3, 2015
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04 dodge
Looking for someone who knows if I can take ranger body (standard cab-long box) and put cab and box on 2004 mazda b2300 frame (ext cab). Mazda only has 80 miles and runs well...had a rollover so body is toast.


Probably not, at least not easily.
Long bed wheelbase is 114", supercab wheelbase is 125".
So the longbed is 7' long, the other bed is I think 5.5'. If you lined up the wheel wells to the rear wheels, I don't think the bed mounts would not be in the right places.
On the cab, the single cab has four mounts, the front two would probably line up correctly to the mounting spots on the supercab's frame, but the rear two I dont know.
Your best bet is to crawl under both and do some tape measure comparisons at all the body mounts.
Anything is possible, you could shorten the frame, or fab up new mounts, etc.