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2002 Ranger custom bumper.


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February 12, 2011
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Cairo, Ga
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02 Ranger XLT
I've got an 02 Ranger XLT ext cab.... I'm about to take on the project of making my own custom bumper. I'm planning on mimicking a full Ranch Hand with the steel bar/diamond plate/with brush guard. I've got a guy to weld and a almost unlimited supply of steel. However time isn't always as available as steel. So I'm here to see if anyone has any good advise that could cut down on the hit and miss learning curve. Keep in mind that I'm not planning on beefing up the front suspension so its gonna be more for show than anything.

ANY Advice is appreciated.

Check out the build thread in my sig to see how mine was done. It's basically a WARN Universal winch mount as a base, my buddy then welded some tubing to form the light rail. Then welded it to the frame. I also took the stock bumper off and all of it powder coated black.

I thought it worked well for my situation.

the bumper i'm gonna try my best to replicate is the ranch hand summit series... my stock found its way to a scrap yard shortly following a wild night in panama city a while back....