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2002 Ranger FX4 - Modded for dirt!


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November 12, 2001
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Huntington Beach, CA
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'02 Ranger FX4
Hey guys, I got my '02 FX4 in December 2001. It wa one of the first manual FX4s ordered and one of the first manual FX4s deliver in the Western US. I love this truck and plan to get years of use out of it. Here are some stats and pictures...

Base Vehicle
2002 Ford Ranger XLT FX4 SC Silver Frost Metallic/Ebony Interior

Bed Rail Delete

Tow Package

4.0L SOHC V-6 w/K&N FIPK, Custom SpinTech Exhaust, and SuperChips

Manual Transmission

Manual T-Case

Dana/Sterling 35 Standard Rotation Front Differential w/4.10 Gears and PowerTrax No-Slip Front Locker

31-Spline 8.8 Rear End w/4.10 Gears, Torsen L/S, and SVO Axle Girdle/Cover

Pre-Production RCD 5" Coil-Over Lift, Featuring Special Bilstein Non-Resevior 6100s Front and 5100s Rear w/Deaver rear springs, RCD Traction Arms, and a Stainless RCD Skidplate.

Front Factory Sway Bar

15x7 Ford/Alcoa hot forged wheels.

33x12.5 Bridgestone Dueler M/T tires

Superlift TruSpeed Speedometer Calibrator

Cobra WX ST 75 Remote Mount CB

Francis Amazer Fiberglass Antenna

PIAA Pro 80 XT Lights

RCD Stainless Lightbar

Factory Dual Media Head Unit w/ Tremor Speakers

Electorchromatic Rearview Mirror w/Temp and Compass

Bed X-Tender

Line-X Over-The-Rail Bed Liner

Light Tint on Front Windows

Can-Back Pachyderm Top

Synthetic Fluids

Genuine Steel Receiver Shackle

Sound Deadening

The Old '94 Splash 4x4:

Brand New:



First Off-Road Outing:

33x10.5s at Stock Height:

K&N FIPK and Pre-Filter

Adding Sound Deadening:

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Near 29 Palms:

Joshua Tree:

Undergoing RCD Transformation:



33x12.5 Bridgestone Dueler M/Ts:


The Mojave Road:







dude, some kick ass pics of your awesome ranger! I like the last picture the best, bridges are for *******.

Thanks bro! There still is alot more work to do, but I am having fun with it.


Nice pic in the water, how deep was it? Overall loooks like you put a TON of work into your ride, and it definately looks like a great offroad rig!

The water there was about 28" deep or so. Thanks for the compliments I really have worked hard on my truck. I still have alot more to do, but I am getting there.


Sean, what's the next couple mods going to be?

Custom Deavers are being made now, gotta do a slight exhaust modification, hopefully sliders before TruckHaven, and I should be getting the rest of the skid plating and the light bar back soon.

In the next year I would like to add GPS, JBA headers, Optima battery and a few other things. After that, I may do a regear to 4.56s. Eventually I'd like a front bumper and winch, some way to mount a rear tire, and a better CB mount. But for now the truck is real close to where I want it.

Next spring, hopefully, it'll be CJ-2A project time. :D


I'd save your money as far the headers go, I have the silver ceramic JBA's and there's no noticeable difference in performance or sound....just my experience,

Pics like those make me want to win the lottery, move out west, and buy/modify a ranger/F150. Very nice rig!

Is the new wore off yet, a little too new to abuse for me..

Nice truck, looks good........

Good to hear you can still order manual tcase, but those shifters are ugly, they look like an old 70's 3 spd.

Have fun..

Thanks for the compliments. I have had it a year and have about 16,000 miles on it now, so yeah the newness is gone. But I still use it as my daily driver, so I do try to wheel reasonably.

After the next round of mods and wheeling, I will have more pics posted.

And I like the shifters. ;)



Added a few mods this past week. I got the RCD light bar a skid plate back, mounted up the PIAA XT 80 Pros, installed a superlift driveshaft, new Deaver springs, limiting straps, bumpstop extentions, replaced a granaded front axle shaft, added some billet interior trim pieces and finally washed the truck again!

Here are some pictures of the new stuff.










Man I love that truck! I think the canvas cap is badass, it just says offroad.

hey are those billet switches just covers? like do they snap over top?

Originally posted by bates
Man I love that truck! I think the canvas cap is badass, it just says offroad.

hey are those billet switches just covers? like do they snap over top?

Ha, ha! Thanks man! Hopefully I will be up and running soon. I should be installing the new RCD diff bracket this week.

The billet switches are way cool... They feel real high quality to operate. To install them to pull the old switch out and pop the rocker off and pop these new billet ones on. Real high quality.



I think you outta travel with us for this year's Baja Mountain Trail Run (August '03). The last one was in '01, and we are working on an agenda that will include rock crawling, sand, trails with deep water crossings, etc. - The best that Baja has to offer! I think you'd have fun out there with us! So far, there'll be 2 built Jeep CJs, 1 built Jeep YJ, and 1 built Ford Ranger (TTB). I'd like to see your IFS on the trail, and the guys at RCD would probably be impressed with your testing the Ranger down in Baja!


Sean, I have to throw you major props for that truck of yours. Can I steal it? j/k. Those are some great photos, I love all the mods you've done. The lift looks good and that canvas back looks like your truck was meant to venture out for weeks on an expedition ;D.

Where is 29 palms though? I wouldn't mind going out there.

Thanks beanz! The 29 Palms area is out by Joshua Tree Nat'l Park.


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FX4 Explorer Sport...? :D

That's awesome, man! I was shocked (in a good way! :D ) when Ford put a manual tranny AND transfer case in that FX4 package...I thought for sure manual t-cases were going the way of the Dodo! Now if they'd just slap that package on Explorer Sports & Sport Tracs...

Just throwing stuff at the walls here, but I wonder how impossible it would be to transplant that FX4 manual t-case into say a 2001 Ex Sport...? Heck, why not the tranny while we're at it, right?!? What tranny is that, anyway...it's not the ol' M5OD is it? I thought they were supposed to come out with an 'all-new, heavy-duty' unit...in fact, I just saw an article touting the manual tranny as a late-availability option on the '04 model...?

Ah, I like to dream and babble...Have fun!