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2002 Sport Explorer Upgrade Suite


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January 20, 2024
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Santa Barbara, CA
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2002 Explorer Sport
Hey everybody,
Just picked up a 2002 Explorer Sport 2door with the 4.0L v6 sohc. Car is in as good a condition as you can ask for that year - 85k miles on it. I've been real satisfied with it over the time I have been driving it, and naturally it is time to think about what work I would like to have done to improve its longevity, driving comfortability, and to a lesser extent looks. I know its 22 years late, but anyone around here familiar with that explorer?

I moved your thread to the Stock 1995-2001 subforum. The 2002 Sport is actually a 2nd Gen Explorer. The 4 doors were completely changed in 2002.

The 2nd Gen Explorers are easily modified and there is a ton of info showing what others have done with them. Look through the sticky posts at the top of this subforum, and also the Modified 1995-2001 subforum.