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2002 Sport Trac high pitch noise from fuel pump


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January 8, 2012
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2002 Ford Explorer Sport
I've got a 02 sport trac with 190k miles and I just noticed a high pitch noise from the fuel pump. Truck idles a little rough when I first start it, but after a few minutes it's fine. Has anyone else has this issue. Thanks!

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If it's something other than the normal "whirrrrrr" then it's probably telling you to be prepared. Changed your fuel filter any time recently?

BTT - I've got the same issue exactly - high pitched sound from fuel pump area. Rough idle issues and slight stumbles, more so when AC is on. Is there a vac hose running back that way?

I found a vacuum leak from the hose that runs into the intake assy from the air filter box. That stopped the rough idle and I replaced the fule filter and that got rid of the whinning. Truck runs like new now!

Just replaced my fuel filter today and now the high pitched noise from the pump is louder. Is it easiest to pull the box off to replace the fuel pump or drop the tank? Toss up?

Replace fuel pump in 2001 Sport Trac. I should have taken pictures. Time: 3-4 hours.
-Pull fuel pump relay and turn over engine to depressure fuel system.
-Remove negative battery cable and secure.
-Siphon as much gas out as possible, easiest to remove fuel filler hose from rear of gas tank and siphon with a 6' piece of garden hose. Disconnect smaller vent hose too.
-Support rear of truck with jack stands. Support fuel tank with jack.
-Remove rear driver side wheel, mud gaurd flap, and plastic wheel-well liner.
-Remove 2 front tank mount bolts. Remove rear tank support strap bolt and strap (you have to kind of bend and twist it out of the way, it has a tee shaped end that locks into a slot on the driver's side, it should fall out when you turn it in the slot).
-Pull wire connector mounted to frame above tank to give plenty of slack before lowering the tank.
-Slowly lower the tank until you can reach the: wire connector on tank (disconnect it); main fuel line connector (disconnect it, on mine it was a plastic connector with a couple small push tabs); vapor line connector (disconnect it).
-Lower and remove the fuel tank. Clean off the top of the tank so no junk gets in when you pull the pump assy.
-Note the pump assy. cover alignment arrow and reference bump for proper re-assembly.
-Pull the pump assy and replace, or just replace the pump. Get a new strainer too.
-Clean and oil the hatch gasket and re-install the pump/sender unit.
***-The fuel pump discharge hose between the tank and the steel fuel line on the frame is lame stiff nylon and probably got kinked when you lowered the tank (mine did). Replace it with a short piece of rubber high-pressure fuel line using the original connectors with hose clamps.***
-Raise the tank with the jack and slide the forward mount into place and loosly install the 2 front mount bolts.
-Lower the tank again so you can connect the wire connector; fuel line connector; and vapor line connector.
-Raise the tank and connect the fuel filler and vent hoses and replace the wire connector mount to the frame above the tank.
-Re-install the rear tank mount strap and tighten all tank mount bolts.
-Replace the fuel filter.
-Re-install the fuel pump relay and negative battery connector. Start it up and check for leaks before you put the wheel and stuff back on.

Airtex E2348M

I replaced the pump assembly on my 2002 at 168K. Here's a vid with my old pump connected with the tank removed.


Barely audible. Now below is the new pump without the tank.


These pumps are inherently loud when functioning properly. A steady "whirr" or "whizz" sound is normal.

I can hear my new one loud and clear even with a full tank..