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2002 Sport Trac SAS finally begins

Dana 44 out of a 1989 Grand Wagoneer.

My plan is to get as little llift as possible as I dont feel like removing my body lift. So I am using the stock Waggy knuckles, spindles, hubs, rotors, calipers, and likely using new waggy steering parts as well and keeping it 6 lug.

I will leave it spring under as to keep the lift minimal, and use 4" lifted springs. Doing it this way will save me from buying high steer knuckles and a high steer setup. Is this best way, maybe not, but it saves me alot money and keeps my lift to around 5".

Now for those who are asking themselves why am I even bothering with this SAS. My reasons are that my Sport Trac goes through UCA and lower ball joints every other month, and I destroy tires in under 8 months. The truck just cannot handle 35's. PLus it will be way stronger than the IFS, and will flex much more than my IFS system.

If anyone has any thoughts/recomendations/concerns, I welcome all the help you can offer.

I hope money does not slow me down, but the cold weather might, either way my goal is to have this done well before Moab.

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If you don't make it to Moab you should go to SMORR, little closer :), but Moab sounds awesome, sweet project, I have been thinking of doing SAS also to a Sport Trac, also if you break any side window glass let me know. I have parts Sport Trac. Post up some pics if you have it done. Thanx

SMORR is ALOT closer for sure, but I love driving through Colorado. So that is part of the Moab trip for me as well. I will be making it to SMORR sometime soon though.

Now I am just watching the clock tick so I can get home to start welding again. My ARP studs are shipping today from Parts Mike and he said I should have them Wed. I bought the 4" studs in case I need to run the optional 1" spacer for more height.

Also just realized I forgot about my shock mounts.:confused: Did someone here use the stock F250 shock towers? I forgot where I read that at, to get the part numbers.

Did some work last night, I am also going to weld my tow hooks to the crossmember as well. And I put my front facia back on and it fits perfectly, so I wont have to cut the lower portion off. I also got my Ford shock mounts as well. Going to get my loaner car tonight, and then time to start fabbing:hammer:





I need some advice on a couple items.
1. Do I really need to run a panhard bar? I wont have brackets here by this weekend, and was just curious. I have seen some people with them and some without?
2.What size DOM should I get to sleeve the frame for the steering box?


sweet, you should get SVO's phone number and call him. He'll coach you through it at any hour of the day.

SVOC Night Service, how may we help you?!! :salute:

Jeff - :navajo:

Wow, you are cutting it close to Moab, but it looks like you have everything you need and a good plan. If you are running leaf springs, I don't see the need for a panhard bar. I am not sure what size tube you would use to sleeve the frame, but I wouldn't get it much bigger in diameter than the bolts and a an go at least .120 wall.

Way to close to Moab; I think that is why I am so nervous. I feel like I am having an anxiety attack when I start thinking about it. But I know I can get it done by this weekend. I finally have 95% of the stuff I need to get it done. Still missing a few odds and ends like shocks,power steering lines, brake lines if I need longer ones then what I already have, current lines are 16 or18" braided lines. Oh and my wheels and tires are on order and should be in by Monday, but my fingers are crossed they show up on Saturday. I ordered BFG KM2 35x12.5x17 and got Moto Metal 951 rims.

Update the IFS is now 1/2 gone. Could only manage to get the drivers side off tonight. To many friends dropping by kinda slowing the process. But Friday should get me alot of progress as I will be able to start working on it at 1:00 pm. So it should be back on wheels by Saturday night.

:D:D Sorry no webcam. Spent all my money on new cutting and welding equipment. Will have pics up tonight, all the IFS is gone just need to clean up the cut marks and plate up the frame for the steering box. This is the only part that has me somewhat concerned. Mainly angle of the new box, etc.

Looks good can't wait to see pics of it finished, and hopefully in person sometime since were not to far away. I have quick questions does 02 Sport Trac have disk rear brakes? I know 03 does, but 01, or at least 01 parts sport trac i had, had drum rear brakes.

Hear is an update finally got done grinding down the C/O gussets. Geez whata pain in the arse, if I see another grinding disk in the next 6 months it will to soon. Anyways here are a couple pics of where I am at now. Getting ready to start welding the outriggers on for the rear shackles.




Not to much to update on but here are a few pics. Waiting for some help to come over and help move the zxle in place and bolt it up.






Lookin good there! The D44 can be man handled with one person. It also helps if the brake parts arent on (calipers, rotors).

Well I got some work done but had a stupid mistake; I ran out of welding gas!! But I got the axle hung and the perches are ready to be welded on tomorrow after I refill my welding tank. Looks like I will also need to get the 1" spacers for my high steer as well. The other thing that looks to be a problem is the lower radiator hose looks like it may interfere with the steering box. I read SPAS's SAS thread and it looks like she used a custom 90 coming out of the radiator. Anyine got some good pics of their setup?


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What steering box are you going with again?