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2002 Sport Trac

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Several rocks yes

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I've known of the bed divider, but never seen one. Same with the bed mat. I have a couple versions of the chairs - Explorer and No Boundaries, and I think I have a bag for a 3rd version. I passed up Mountaineer chairs. No Sport Trac chairs, though.

Nothing big today. I had removed the topper, mainly because the rear glass was missing on it. No one sells a replacement, just wonderful. I will attempt to make a back window with frame to the topper. At least the topper has the frame for the topper, just no frame for the window. Installed the factory tonneau cover and bed divider. I did find a bed extender as well. Unfortunately, I won't be able to pick it up for about a month. :( On a good note though, I like the look with topper and with the tonneau cover.


I had toppers on all 3 Rancheros I used to have, and I'd take the topper off now and then just for the change. I bought the topper for my '02 Sport Trac in May of 2014, and it hasn't been off since. I bought a topper for the now dead '01 in 2018 because of work, and thought I'd switch it to the '04 I bought in August, but I kinda like having 1 with and 1 without the topper. Plus, the topper is handy for storing things in the '01.

Funny this comes up it’s end of winter and beginning of wet season here (who am I kidding in the pnw it is always wet) so I’m taking the topper off my blue project trac and installing onto our 03 daily driver trax so we can keep good and dogs dry. I bought the entire Blue trac just to get the topper! (And so I could have another sport trax)

Sport trac toppers are rare as hens teeth
There is a dude in Texas who has a few of them for sale…1500+ each

Sport trac toppers are rare as hens teeth
There is a dude in Texas who has a few of them for sale…1500+ each
When I went to the local shell shop for a replacement back glass, they actually had one that was 3" taller than mine. Looked in pretty good shape but in green. They wanted 350. I guess it's the area and popularity.

Now that’s a reasonably
Prices topper! $350 is what I paid for mine and another $400 for the whole truck lol

I paid $600 for the one on my '02, and was glad to get it. I'd searched Craigslist within a couple hundred miles for 16 months. This one was about 6 miles away. A young guy had bought the truck from his uncle and didn't want the topper. The uncle knew what he had and what he could get for it. A few years later, I was trying to deal on another one just like it for the '01 that was 45 miles away, but someone else had 1st shot. I think I offered $300 or 350, but they were reluctant to let it go at that price. The weather was bad the day the other guy was to look at it, so he didn't make it. That same morning, I checked Craigslist and found one about 3 miles from home. I paid $125, plus had to buy new latches. It's not the same quality as the ARE, but it's black like the truck. The other one I was trying to deal on was an ARE, but white. The white topper looks ok on the silver truck, but I would have had to have it painted to go on the black truck. I don't know if the other one sold. He still had it some time later.

About 2 weeks after I bought the 1st topper, I found a 1 piece silver hard cover a couple of hours away. I think I paid $100 and a tank of gas. Didn't get clamps or a key. Bought it, put in the shed, and I'll probably never use it. The '01 came with a flat 1 piece cover. I replaced the bed because of rust around the hinge for the tailgate, and that bed came with a factory cover. I liked the factory cover, but I needed to haul printers on occasion at work, so I bought the topper. The '04 I bought in August had a soft roll-up cover that's best for someone who doesn't need the bed covered most of the time, so I put the factory cover on it. Now I have 2 toppers, 2 flat hard covers, a factory cover, and a soft roll-up cover.

I did find a bed extender as well. Unfortunately, I won't be able to pick it up for about a month.
When you do get the bed extender, you'll be able to use it with the topper, but you won't be able to flip it without disconnecting it. It will lock in place in both positions, but the topper door is narrower than the extender. I used an extender in the '01 to divide the bed, besides just having it handy. As a bed divider, it left a perfect amount of room for the copiers I needed to haul, and kept them from moving forward.
I think I have 4 bed extenders, too. One isn't for a Sport Trac, but it works. I think it's from an F150 Stepside.

I heard the f150
Stepside has the same tailgate too

I heard the f150
Stepside has the same tailgate too
I saw a video on that. The F150 is deeper than the ST, so ST will work on F150 but F150 doesn't fit right on ST.


The one I have is black and has different, more squared off, angles. It's a small fraction of an inch too narrow, but it works. I was told it was from an F150, but the seller dropped it off at my workplace in a van, so I didn't see the truck it was used on. It is a Ford extender. The best feature is the locking pins are lever style, not push/pull. I switched those to the 1st extender I bought which didn't have the locking pins when I got it.

I just watched a bit of a video with a 2nd Gen Sport Trac that has a shot of the bed extender, and it looks like the one I have.

Today I discovered my tailgate lock won't turn with the key. I'm guessing the handle was replaced sometime and the lock cylinder wasn't swapped. Plan on taking a look at it this weekend. Do the STs have power locks on the tailgate? If not, is it possible to mount a lock actuator to it? I can't tell from the image I took when I lubricated the linkages in the tailgate. It doesn't look like it.


No power tailgate no

Can it be added? Probably! I’m sure with some fab and some fancy wiring maybe get a latch from f150 with power lock gate?

Try soaking the lock cylinder in atf overnight usually frees them right up then work it with the key 100 times and then dry

I’m interested in a tailgate handle that includes spot for camera, that is the perfect spot for a rear camera

Well, I did go out and tried the key in the doors as well. Didn't work at first and started to get worried. Grabbed some WD and slide the key in so the cylinder cover for the key hole was opened. Sprayed the crap out it, key worked. Sprayed the other lock cylinders and all work just fine now. Sweet. I have to remember this ST has seen some dusty roads. So going through parts/pieces will need some lubrication. Thank you for the tip @410Fortune .

As far as the tailgate handle with camera...


This guy used it for his backup camera...

I plan on doing it as well.

Of course lol I should have googled before I Spoke!

Nobody uses the keys and locks anymore! Almost every ranger we work on the passenger door and tailgate locks hardly ever turn with the key, the drivers door is usually stiff. I remove the lock cylinders (takes seconds in a ranger door) and soak them in atf….

explorers all have keyless entry so the door and hatch locks are almost always frozen. Some time with pb blaster and atf gets them working like new again. Once working freely and clean make sure toadd some graphite lock lube

Picked up the bed extender today. Also stopped by the junkyard and found another radio bezel.



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Ok, I will confirm this does work with the switch I listed...
Brights, hazards, blinkers, washer and all wiper settings work as designed.

Before... you can see the T/S switch below the headlamp switch.


After.... and now you don't


To start, remove the lower panel, there are (4) 1/4" head screws, 2 outside edges (skinny arrows) and 2 holding the hood release latch (fat arrow, center)


Next is a steel plate that has (5) 8mm head screws...

I removed the center dash bezel just in case for access... (2) Phillips head screws.

Next is the dash bezel, (5) 1/4" head screws, 3 on top and 2 at bottom.


Next is the steering shroud, (3) Phillips head screws and not marked the tilt wheel lever (3/32" wrench might work but you might need to use pliers or channel locks but this can mess up the handle so be careful gripping the lever. There is loc-tite on the threads).

Once the steering cover is off you have (2) T20 screws at top and bottom to remove the switch and disconnect the (2) connectors.

Install your new switch and reverse the process.

**NOTE** I did test operation before screwing switch on column, then again after it was installed on the column. This is just to ensure operation and to make sure after bolting up it works as well.

Your done.