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June 3, 2016
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2002 Ford Explorer xlt
2002 Ford Explorer 4.6l and my passenger side o2 connector was melted and the replacement bwd pt5525 does not have the same wire or colors. So Im looking a way to connect the factory grey/red, red/white, grey/Lt blue, and red/yellow wires to the replacement o2 pigtail plug in connector. Photos will be a great help of a factory connector on the X or diagram ty

Is it the O2 sensor's wire that is melted (after the connection) or the vehicle's wiring that is melted (before the connection)?

If it's the O2 sensor's wire then just get the proper replacement O2 sensor and plug it in, I already gave you the Motorcraft part numbers for them in your other thread.

If it's the vehicle wiring that is melted then just get the proper pigtail here http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/...l-connector,oxygen+(o2)+sensor+connector,2604 and match up the colors.

I did look at those at Rock Auto. I bought local bwd Pigtail plug in connector. Yes, it melted the harness and the plastic plug in and the o2 wire was a mess.

I need to know what wire go to what wire. Because the old plug in was melted off the wire so I couldn't see where they went.. I was very lucky the X turned off and not burned to the ground

Update I finally fix my wiring went to the junk yard and got o2 pigtail for free(nice guy) wired it up and did testing all was OK. Found out my brand new o2 had a short in the heater and got a replacement and all is well been 48 hrs. Just hope this 1 don't melt for another 160000 miles. Mine hit 160k today