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2002 XLS maintenance questions


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August 19, 2007
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2002 xls
I'm a new forum member.
My 2002 XLS is due (OK overdue) for coolant replacement. What's the procedure for flush and refill? I'm also quickly approaching the schedule for
automatic trans service. How do I change filter and fluid on the "sealed" transmission? Would appreciate any advice from fellow forum members.

I don't really like a lot of the commercially available cooling system cleaners. They tend to be a bit caustic. I've had intake and head gaskets fail shortly after doing a clean & flush, so I just drain the old coolant out of the radiator and block, and refill it with a 50/50 mix of new coolant and distilled water. These systems more or less bleed themselves thru the surge (pressure) tank.

If you search the transmission forum, there's a real good how-to on doing the filter and fluid replacement on these trannies.

I performed a coolant flush. I then back flushed the system to clear any debris.I used Prestone concentrated flush running the engine with the thermostat out. My fluid still looks pristine.

The tranny flush procedure has been discussed many times. Its very easy to do. DO IT. My fluid was looking very unhealthy when I flushed it out of the transmission.

Your gonna have to do the search thing and you will find lots of information.

Flush your brake fluid out too (cheap insurance)

Welcome to the site.

I gotta find the time to do my ATF service. I'm approaching 90k on the ticker. I even bought the nifty little filler tool from OTC! It was a total impulse buy since my Matco Tools distributor had one on the truck, and I didn't have to go searching around in the hardware store for a 1/8" NPT hose barb. In retrospect, I should have though. He socked me $18.95 for the OTC tool!
Oh well...I have it now. I've spent more money on things much more useless than this.