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2002 XLT 5.0 Swap


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September 19, 2023
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West Plains
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2002 Explorer XLT
Hello, my name is Robert. Got a 2002 Explorer XLT that originally had a 4.0 in it. I swapped it for the 4.6 runs great but wanting a little bit more. I have a 5.0 out of a 2000 AWD and was wondering what all it is going to take to get it to work. Don't care about 4x4 at the moment. Weather is dry but going to at a later date. I have the motor transmission and transfer case was wondering mainly about the wiring because it seems to be a drop in so for except for the usual, exhaust. Any help is appreciated. I'm a right leg amputee doing this myself. No Im not going to IHOP to ask them. My wife has fun saying that. Thank you.

The 4.6 will have more power.

Swapping a 4.6 for a 5.0
Is working backwards

I love the pushrod 5.0 v8 but it’s silly to think it will out perform the triton 4.6

I would focus on making more power with the 4.6
You could sell your 5.0 drivetrain to help pay for it

No Im not going to IHOP to ask them. My wife has fun saying that.
I find that amusing. As stated above, the 4.6 is the better motor. A set of TFS heads would give you the bump in power you are looking for.