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2003 4.0 explorer flashing OD light.


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September 29, 2014
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San Antonio, Texas
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2003 Ford explorer 2wd
Hello and thank you for this awesome forum.

My wife's 03 explorers OD light has started flashing since Friday night.

i have tried to track down a CEL code but none is logged in the PCM.

the current symptoms are hard shifts into reverse, forward feels fine, and a thud or a knock when attempting to engage 4th gear.

we have a 2003 ford explorer 2wd 5r55w with 123k miles soccer mom car.

i have read many possible threads and really don't know where to start. I'm mechanically inclined and believe in getting my hands dirty.

any Advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Is it the original transmission?

once you get the O/D flashing it means the below;
- servo bore issue
- valve body/solenoid issue

when this happen to mine, the dealership has to put in a reman since I'm still under extended warranty at 80k.

Yes original transmission fluid.changed frequently never let.it burn

red29 I have the same issue as you. Maybe we can figure it our together, I've read alot of forums on this issue and not really any closer to a solution. took the truck to Ford today and they pulled code P0715 and P0717 which is related to speed sensors. the CEL or OBD2 scanner cant pick up tranny codes. Fords diagnosis on mine is the intermediate band is broke or 'damaged servo' they quoted $1700 to take the trans out and tear it down to change the band hoping that's the issue. My wallet said no way. Like most of the posts on here i think the problem is caused by the solenoid pack or possibly the valve body. just not sure which to try first. If my intermediate band is broke that would not affect reverse so why I think Ford is wrong on that and think its the valve body. Do you have 2nd gear at all? My truck has always been slow and harsh into reverse so why i dont the band is broke. I'd hate to just replace the valve body and have the solenoid be the problem.

check out the parts here - best prices ive found

how to swap them out.
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXt-gE95C-Y&index=135&list=WL
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5D6m4h7fW4&list=WL&index=136

[MENTION=174454]XLT004[/MENTION] I have all my gears from what I can tell the only noticeable symptoms are a hard kick when shifted to reverse and a hard shift from 3rd to 4th. There arent any noises other than the shifting. I took the explorer to a buddy of a buddy that knows someone thats works at AAMCO to pull codes and none were found. They then checked the fluid level which was low but the fluid was replaced and symptoms are still there. I plan to drop the pan this weekend and verify all the solenoids are registering properly and check for any faulty wires.

I dropped my pan tonight and found the intermediate band was loose. Seemed to fit fords theory of being being broke but it tightened up nicely with 1.5 turns in so I'm thinking its not broke as there's no movement now. Still need to get more accurate torque wrench and set both to spec. I will put back together and hope all is good save the delayed reverse. If I have O/d and 2nd back will take apart again and replace filter and valve body to fix the reverse. Will post my results. How did you make out??

2003 Explorer XLT 4.0L 4x4 130k miles Flashing OD light

Mine was pulling the code P0741, for the torque convertor control solenoid. I had zero drivability problems, just the annoying flashing light. I dropped the tranny pan, pulled the solenoid pack and tested the resistance on all solenoids and all were within spec. So I cleaned everything, reinstalled, put in a new filter and pumped in new fluid with Lucas Tranny Fluid Conditioner. At first, it came back. Then I noticed it happened less and less, now, it hasn't come on in months. I believe it was a matter of the new fluid working its way through everything. Eitherway, it's worth trying, if your solenoids are causing driveability issues, I'd replace them.

Lucas Tranny Fluid Conditioner

Any news on this? hoping to learn from your experience.

I replaced the valve body with a rebuilt one from the link on this site. Did not fix the issue. Not happy with that purchase though, the valve body was not very well cleaned and the included metal gasket was damaged so reused my own. For all I know they sent a bad valve body, at least it was cheap..

The truck still has the same issue. I've been in contact with the guy from the fordservoboretransmissionfixsolution site and he seems very certain the issue lies where his product will work. So going to test the solenoid tonight before I reorder to rule that out and then order his kit if it checks out. Need my kid wagon up and running! Wife's car is a coupe and a pain to get little kids in and out of.