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2003 4.0 ticking (not timing chains)


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August 10, 2013
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2003 & 2005 Explorer
All new timing chains and tensioners on '03 4.0l.

Runs smooth and also ultra quiet until this morning after I had to slam on the brakes to stop when someone cut in front of me and slammed on their brakes (red light)... nothing other than that and all was ok...

but a few blocks later when I parked I noticed a faint *ticktickticktick* sound at idle... not a loud tick, but it wasn't there before. not the same as the rattle of chains, etc.

injectors? exhaust? cam followers? hmmm....

UPDATE: Sounds like clicking is coming from drivers side cyl bank... extremely loud when I put my ear to intake manifold over that bank... of course the intake might simply be amplifying the noise.... its not a loud clicking otherwise...

If it is the sound I hear in mine, it is the fuel injectors getting a little loose after 200K miles.

It almost sounds like a plug wire(s) arcing on the head. If so, I'll bet it is your injectors.

How many miles do you have one the truck?

190,000 miles.

Seems like the ticking comes and goes... i'm noticing a whole new world of sounds now that the chains, guides and tensioners are all new (all of them!)... I can even hear the pulleys.