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2003 Aviator.

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RKelly, mileage is mostly in the mid 16's mixed driving (70% highway 30% city).

I have gotten as high at 20+ a couple times, a few more 19's and so on.

There isn't much performance/MPG loss using mid octane fuel but I don't use regular.

Cross my fingers but the only thing that's gone bad since I bought it at 58,000 miles is 1 coil-on-plug. I now have 105,000 on it.

Well, I've seen more aviators with 100K+ miles than explorers... Mine is at 180 and the avi is at 177K. Ive driven a few... and when I get out of them and into my truck- not a pretty sight. Guy is asking 8995 for the one I want... which is WAY overpriced for what it is. Hes had it listed for 7 months.. no price change and something with that mileage id like to get into it for 6-6500. Do uk if u can do a K&N in an avi? And as for gas, i probably wouldnt use anything less than 91... I have heard that they will chugg. My mom has a Jag and you can tell the difference when she uses 87... alot. But its just a duratec engine so you'd think that it would be fine. I had a BMW X5 and if it had anything less than 93 it would stall---> and THAT vehicle is the reason for my current financial distress hahaha

I have a K&N drop in. The pseudo 'cold air intakes' really aren't 'cold' so I didn't bother.

I never noticed any bogging or significant lack or performance when I did octane testing, just diminished MPG. If you feel bogging, check the COP's You can have a bad one and barely feel it.

It used to be a wash between low price/octane, lower mpg and high price/octane and higher mpg but there is a much greater price difference between octanes now. I still run 91 90% of the time.

At 177k, I would think hard about new ball joints.

What goodies does this Avi have? I'm serious about Advancetrac :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: get it if you can!

Things I absolutely will not settle on are: AWD, Heat/AC Seats, Factory chromes, Premium sound. Id like navigation too but can go either way and put in aftermarket. The 04 im lookin at has em all- Ideally, I like the 7 pass seating it has as opposed to 6 because I potentially will have to drive clients around- yet another reason for the Aviator: an image car. Not that my explorer doesnt do a nice job by any means but this will show a bit better. Would really have liked to find one that has the RSC/Advance Trac but there are NO aviators around here... at all. NONE. I live in upstate ny, and the one im looking at is in jersey- so this is going to be a hard shopping experience for me.

Take really good care of the engine and trans, use the best oils and filters. Make the time to upgrade the trans VB with a kit, and replace the EPC solenoid at the very least. Do what you can in the way of maintenance, and then the truck has a good chance of still going a long time before something expensive happens.

well..... until the dealer comes down in his price... THIS is all i have- which isnt even the one i want :(

... I guess it give me a few more weeks to pay off the $890 I owe on my explorer...

RKelly, keep me updated on your Aviator search! They're great vehicles and an especially good car to have in Rochester. I go to school at RIT and have my Aviator up at school with me. Best of luck!

Just bought an 05 aviator w/navigation...my wife wanted 3 seat vehicle..we traded in her 08 mkx..the vehicle just had 50,000 on it and was kept in great shape..i had engine flushed, power steering, radiator, brake and trans w/new filter..went back with new royal purple rearend fluid and engine oil..changed plugs (champion iridium) and went with k&n filter..also ran a can of fuel injector cleaner thru system..put the mkx wheels on aviator..new tires..screwedup and let the sensors go with mkx ...not compatable..but just reset system...my wife wants truck to situp..so will be doing what aviator guy did woth not so aggressive stance w/tires..also will be changing ball joints and shocks at same time of the lidft..will change rotors and pads too...right now getting 21 mpg on hiway 89 octane and 16-18 in town..just have to learn how to drive v8 around..does punch down with a lot of torque..scared the heck out of me 1st time...didn't let my wife know about the v8 till bought...eveything is in cherry condition and we paid at about 16gs for truck..also got 100,000 warranty for piece of mind....will keep for 5-7 years...hope this helps anyone out there.

Joe- how weird is that.... I go/went to RIT too. And i just looked over at ur profile on the left side here, and ur from OH. Im calling a dealer tomorrow afternoon to make an offer on an Aviator in Brunswick,OH- just outside of Cleveland. You ever heard of KDK auto sales?? Dude- small world

That's crazy! I live over on the west side of Cleveland, about 30 minutes from that dealer. I think I've been there once or twice. They always have an interesting selection of inventory. I'm up at school currently, but head home for break on the 21st. Let me know how you do on the Aviator!

Joe- I cant believe i didnt jump on here the day I got it... 05 Aviator. Black and tan. chromes, roof, premium sound- gonna do aftermarket navi soon tho. just found 1 today that I kinda liked @ bestbuy. jensen somthing. wanna do the led strips on my headlights. still havent cleaned it- pretty nasty but itll be nice all done up

Glad to hear you finally found one! Mines about to turn over 100K miles! Watch out for those chromes though. Rochester really did a number to mine, and I ended up having to replace them. I tell the whole story in another one of my posts.

I got this one out of buffalo... and it really did a number one of em- chrome is peelin off in two spots. gonna temp fix it but eventually replace it... I know ive got 3 problems already... timing chain rattle on first start up, i think a wheel bearing, and the dreaded blend door acutator... its really expensive on the x so i can only imagine on this... fml hahahaha