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2003 Brake Squeal


September 8, 2008
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2003 XLT V6
The dealer replaced the front rotors due to warping a few months back. Since that time the front pads have begun to squeal when the rotors get hot. I don't even have to press the pedal down to get the squeal. It's very annoying. I took the truck back in today but of course they couldn't find anything wrong.

Question. If I changed out the front pads, would that take away the squeal? It almost seems like the pads may have some deformity to them from the old rotors being warped.

Also, the dealer put some R134a in the system today as the compressor wasn't coming on and the truck blowing hot air with the AC on. This got the compressor to turn on but I'm hearing what sounds like the clutches dragging/sticking when the truck is driven. The dealer says they pressure tested everything and it all tests out fine. I have a feeling the compressor is bad.

no idea on the AC but the brakes will make some noise even when they are still good due to sediment on them it could be a stickey caliper or defective brakes. i would pull the tire off and rpray some brake cleaner on the caliper and pads/rotor area when it is cooled off if that does not work replace the pads or take it to a mechanic other than the dealer. they overcharge and are not usually that good at working on stuff from my experiences and knowing how much my brother has had to fix from them being an ASE cert mechanic