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2003 Explorer bumper cover hardware question


June 16, 2013
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2003 Exporer Sport
Replacing the front bumper cover on my 2003 Explorer sport after a minor crash last winter. I finally located a used Ford cover locally versus after market part.
In removing the cover, it all came off amazingly easy except the 10mm bolt at the bumper cover to fender seam just in front of the front tires, Bolt broke off on both sides. There appears to be a plate behind that seam that has a location for this bolt that broke and the post that the bumper cover slides onto.

What are my options now?

Drill out/twist out and nut it from the back side?
Replace this plate?? Anyone know what its actually called or a PN?
Perhaps a crash guide pic of what all is ina 2003 front end.

Called the dealer and bought the left and right side plates for $10 each along with two bolts for .60 each
The slide posts pull straight down and are re-usable.

Any help appreciated