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2003 Explorer o2 sensor issues


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August 18, 2013
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1st post here. I am hoping someone can help me out.

2003 Explorer 4.6L AWD 150k miles. It is showing several codes for heated o2 sensor bank 1. I replaced the sensor and have the same problem. Scanner shows that the sensor is working, but the heated side isn't. I also blow a fuse for the o2 sensor circuit intermittently. This leads me to believe that I have a short somewhere in the wiring. Is there a common place for there to be a wiring issue?

Codes showing are as follows (I also have an IAC code):

I have traced the wiring fairly well, but have not begun checking continuity.

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Ever figure out your issue? I am having a heck of a time trying to reach the connector for the passenger side o2 sensor on my 03 Sport Trac. The only way I can even touch it is down between the plenum and firewall. I don't see how a person can disconnect it and reconnect after replacing. Any suggestion?

If anything like the 5.0 you have to take the center console out then there is a access panel underneath the carpet on the hump over the tranny. It allows access to both passnger side o2 sensors and the top transfer case bolts

Sneaky sneaky those Ford Engineers! Will take a look. Hate to pull the console and it not be that but what's a guy to do. Thanks for the clue. Good luck on your issue. Wish I could offer some advice.

wire insulation burned by exhaust pipe?

Its fairly common on the 2nd generation for one or more of the O2 wires to get against a hot exhaust pipe. The insulation gets burned and then the wire shorts to the pipe blowing a fuse. The same thing may be possible on your 3rd generation.