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2003 Explorer Sport - briwayjones

As some of you know my name is Brian. I've never driven anything but Explorers as a personal vehicle.

The Explorers I have owned:
'91 XL, OHV, 4 door, 4WD, 5 speed manual
'96 XLT, OHV, 4 door, 4WD, 5 speed manual
'03 Sport XLS, SOHC, 2 door, 4WD, 5 speed manual
'00 XLS, OHV, 4 door, 4WD, 5 speed manual
'03 Sport XLS, SOHC, 2 door, 2WD, 5 speed manual x2 (I recently got another one that is mostly identical to the first one I had in the past)

In addition to that my parents owned a:
'94 XL, OHV, 4 door, 4WD, 5 speed manual

I currently own a 2000 XLS. This Sport got wrecked and sold in 2016. RIP.

2003 Explorer Sport XLS
- Navy Blue
- 2 door
- 2 wheel drive
- 4.0L SOHC engine
- 5 speed manual
- 3.73 rear
- power windows/door locks
- A/C
- Ford AM/FM, CD

Modifications that I have done to my Explorer:

- KKM Air intake
- Hurst Short Shifter
- 75MM MAF
- Explorer Sport 5 spoke wheels
- Overhead console
- Full length center console

Modifications I would like to do in the future:

- Custom radio bezel.
- Install a 10" sub in the rear panel pocket. Upgraded sound system.
- New door speakers with tweeters in the front doors.
- Computer Flasher and programs
- Carputer with a touchscreen

I got this Sport in addition to my 4 door to be the fun, sporty vehicle and for better economy. I've gotten 25mpg with room for improvement out of my 2000 4 door but with the 2 door being lighter, not having 4 wheel drive and having a SOHC it lends itself better for improving mileage. Also lends itself better to performance modding.

It came with tinted front windows which I had to remove the tinting from to pass inspection and some terrible after market fog lights I had to remove to also pass inspection. I plan on re-tinting the front windows as dark as the law will allow and reinstall some better fog lights.

It also came with a glass pack performance exhaust that doesn't sound too bad with a 3" Stainless tip.

Really the only thing I've done to it so far is put the Explorer Sport 5 spoke wheels wrapped in General Grabber UHP 255/65R16 performance tires. I also put a Hurst short-throw shifter in it.

Planned on the list next is a touch screen carputer system with HD radio and GPS navigation system. A system with a 10" stealth sub in the back pocket. Also a under-drive crank pulley for more power and better mileage.

This picture is from when I first got it before I did anything to it.

2003 Explorer Sport-As bought_04-07_ 006_small.jpg