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2003 factory amp location?


March 21, 2006
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West Lafayette, IN
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2003 Limited XLT 4X4
hey dudes,

i installed my indash tv and hooked all the wiring up. my 03 explorer has an external amp somewhere and i cant find it. i pulled off the rear panel on the passenger side and see the factory sub, and its amp... small silver box with heat sinks. i unplugged that b/c its useless anyways with my other subs. anyways, behind that panel i see that sub amp like i said, another box more towards the front with 3 harnesses in it... no heatsinks... it could be my lighting controller for like brake lights etc. where the hell is the amp for the speakers? is it on the driver side behind the panel or what? i need to bypass it.



Hello I know this post has been dead for awhile and hopefully you resolved your problem but I need your help. You said you removed the rear sub panel so my question is how did you accomplish this? I am trying to remove it so that i can connect a line output converter for my new subs and amp while keeping the stock headunit and i need to gain access to the wires that connect the amp and the sub however everytime I attempt to remove that sub panel I feel as though I am breaking it. How do you properly remove it? I have the same model explorer as you btw. Thank you in advance for any reply.

holy old post, guy hasn't been back since '06
anyways, you have to remove the seat belt bolt, remove the upper trim pieces, then the sub panel will come out. . .i can't post pics at the moment but i do have them already in previous posts.
Upgrading and Audiophile sub had some pics.