2003 fuel gauge works but is not showing in the correct range???I | Ford Explorer - Ford Ranger Forums - Serious Explorations
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2003 fuel gauge works but is not showing in the correct range???I


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March 31, 2021
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Hattiesburg, Mississippi
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2004 Explorer NBX 4.6 4x4
So, when i got the explorer over 3 years ago the fuel gauge did not work. I replaced the fuel pump twice with brand new pumps. The first time, the gauge started working but did not show the level in the correct range. The second time replacing the fuel pump (yesterday) i was hoping the new pump would fix the issue, but no. So, my fuel gauge shows the level that is in the tank as the level changes, but when empty, the gauge shows a little above a quarter tank, and when full, the needle goes way above the full mark. Is there any way to maybe recalibrate my gauge back into the correct range or is there something wrong with the gauge itself? Is this one of those things where i have to bend the float arm? Seems it has to be something else cause it's been the exact same on 2 brand new pumps. Thanks.