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2003 Hummer h2 supercharged


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August 1, 2005
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arcadia calif.
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'91EB, '86Sami, '85Ranger
Am I all alone here?? It started with a find on a Mork and Mindy Jeep ready for a complete restore. Did the math!!! Are you kidding me!!!! Lol Then we found Icarus 1991 Eddie Bauer 4x4, everything done but a bad trans. Love that truck! NOT a daily driver. The search continued. A 1999 Explorer nope, 1998 Expedition close but no. With a sever back and neck injury I need a (tank) lol Found a 2007 Hummer h3, Perfect! Safe smaller then the Explorer and I truly enjoyed driving it, but, alas, a neighbor in his 80's had his H3 rearended he hounded me for weeks, sell me your truck, I want it. Zukman told him offer her enough money and she will sell it( he didn't like the H3 too small). Long story short, he did offer a stupid amount of money. My dream tank was waiting!! I went to look at a black H2, it wasn't at the dealer when I got there, even after leaving a deposit on it. However the dealer just happened to have a bright yellow H2 sitting up on the show rack (of course!) "Let me get it down take it for spin" "But its school bus yellow!!! You can see it 5 miles away!!!" Took it for a spin, I think the grin is a permanent thing! Zukman opened the hood "Uh this thing is supercharged!! Do you think the dealer knows??" We left with it smiles intact. She wins a lot of challenges just spooling up.