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2003 merc mounty needs mods


April 30, 2006
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Miami, Florida
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'03 Mountaineer
I have a 2003 merc mountaineer 4.6 V8.

So far I have E-fans, K&N Cold-air, and Magnaflow exhaust (removed resonator and muffler AKA boat anchor).

I had bought a programmer months before I began any mods hoping to use the programmer to correct any errors my mods give me. A representative of Sniper tuning had informed me that my vehicle was supported, so i bought it. I found out after I had gotten it that he forgot to ask me my PCM code (TNZ2) which is not compatible with the programmer. He then told me that it would be compatible in the near future, first one month, then 3, then unknown.

So in short I'm looking for a programmer that will work for my 2003 mounty.

In the next few months i will be getting 4.10 rear gears and a locker on the rear end. As a result my Speedometer will be VERY inaccurate.

I would like a programmer that's similar to the sniper one, programmed via laptop, multiple tunes on the fly, EGR delete, speed adjust for tire size, etc.

Thanks for the help!


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get in touch with James at Hensonperformance.com he can hook you up with the SCT X3 hand held tuner(as far as i know only the X2 and X3 are compatible with the explorer/mounties). i dont know if you can program via laptop, but the Handheld will let you change the gear ratios and tire sizes. like i said, give james an Email and he will hook you up.

when you do get the steeda pulleys, do NOT do the set for the 1999 to 2004 set, as they wont work with your water pump, get yourself the earlier model set and you will be ace.

Get yourself some headers from JBA, my favorite mod...combined with the tune it was a night and day difference.

earlier model steeda pullies as in 2001 and older? or 2006 and younger?

The headers will work well with stock size exhaust piping? or when i get the headers should i put in bigger pipes all the way back?

and ill look into that programmer, thanks a ton.

You're sure thats the pulley set i need? lol I'm not doubting you im just double checking cause it even mentions the change in the water pump.. Will the stock belt still fit with UD pulleys?

Also regarding the headers: I was asking if you recommended I get larger pipes from the headers back after upgrading them... or if it would perform better with the stock piping.

thanks for the help, by the way.. Thats why I come to these forums, so I can learn from mistakes before I'm the one who makes them =P

yes im VERY sure that the right set, as i bought the OTHER set, and i had to install a Mustang water pump to use them. the explorer one uses the one with the longer shaft because of the use of its mechanical fan(which the mustang does not have).

I wouldnt recomend going beyond the stock pipe size unless your going to push some SERIOUS mods, and even then a Duel set up would be prefered.

the stock belt will work just fine with the Steeda pulleys, because they change the crank pulley as well.

When you decide to get headers (if you do) they are a HUGE pain in the ass to install, and if youd like some help from someone, give me a shout on here as i can provide some usefull insight.

ok thanks a ton for the help.

I am looking into the pulleys already and I'm asking some of my 'connections' to see if i can get the JBA headers for cheaper.