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2003 Mercury Mountaineer. ABS problem.

went to autozone to ask if they would replace sensor, but they said i had to bring back the complete hub for replacement. So will be contacting their head office on monday.

I took the oringinal sensor from my failed hub, and it was identical in size to the duralast sensor, so i swapped them over.

I have driven over 200 miles today, and the light never came on, so i have everything crossed that it will be ok from now !!!

after reading the post I check the box, but there was no warning for the sensors.

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Sorry I know i'm bringing up a thread over a year old but to anyone that comes across this thread I am haveing the exact same problem. The duralast hub/sensor only lasted 5 miles worth of driving. Going to go take it off at warrenty it at autozone. I also before this installed a set of FPD hubs from carparts.com and one of those came junk from the factory. Figured I was upgrading by going with the duralast. BS!!!!

Timkin or SKF only hubs i trust. Just got a Timkin from rock auto for my chevy venture for less than the duralast. 3yr warranty no hassle returns. Don't use other brands on these trucks you will be replacing them in less than one year. Keep the duralast on until you order your new one takes about 5 business days from rockauto and use the discount code from the forum. Good luck

I put the ford sensor back on, and it worked until i sold the vehicle in Dec 2011. All the problems I had with this car in one year ranged from EGR issues, broken rear springs, transfer case binding, wheel bearings, abs sensors, and finally a problem with the torque converter in the tranny.
NEVER will i buy a used FORD SUV again !!! They are unreliable and FORD has no interest in the problems which they admit are design issues.
Buy a Honda or Toyota !
Thats all I have:)

all i got out of that was waaaaaaa,uh,waaaaaaaaaa!!!.. go buy your prius and put a flower sticker on the back window...ford happens to have the best selling truck for 34 straight years, no chopstick made truck can touch that!