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2003 mountaineer accessories


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December 5, 2009
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Any recommendations on where to buy Mountaineer accessories? Specifically I am looking for a brush guard and rear bumper guard. Seems impossible to find stuff for this vehicle.

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heres some pics of the rear bumper guard and a westin safari bar. i have a 3 inch body lift so the bumpers will sit a bit higher on yours
if you are interested the safari bar will more then likely be going up for sale when i return state side.



here is a picture with the safari bar mounted and no body lift

im interested in the safari bar for sure..when and if its for sale let me know!

Chris where did you get your rear bumper guard?

ebaaaaaayyyyy the rear bumper guard is for an explorer but still fits the mountaineer. i'll see if i can dig it up

the grill is just grill mesh shaped around a baseball bat then shaped to the bumper. works for it being a 10 dollar grill

Nice!!!!! I've been looking for something to mount my back up lights to:D