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2003 Sport Trac - SAS, SOA started and here's a sneek peek.

MidnightRebel07's Sport Trac SAS, 351w Build on 37's

I've been talking for years about doing this and since the transmission is on it's way out enough to where I can't drive it a long distance, the fan clutch died (can't drive it without fan) I parked it.

I started tearing everything from the rear suspension to do the SOA. finished that yesterday (for the most part). Perches are tacked in (will finish welding them on with the Miller 252 at my custom truck clubs garage once I get everything mocked into place and a space opens up). Shocks are bolted into the top bolt hole for the sway bar (sway bar is removed). I cut the shock mounts off of the spring plates and will weld them onto the top of the axle later. I still need to get longer stainless braided hoses for the main rear brake line.

I now have the front jacked up sitting on jack stands so I can start cutting off the front suspension and engine crossmember. Hopefully if the weather permits this week for a couple hours in the mornings before work I can cut all that out.

I'll be starting a SAS, SOA, 351w, C6, 1356 manual transfer case thread sometime soon when I have time but for now I'll just add info here.




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Shi+ I'd be outside in shorts if the windchill was in the mid teens. LOL this cold weather is only making me more sore, can't wait til spring.

Thanks Hugh, still waiting to see the neurosurgeon on the 19th to figure out how bad my neck, back and nerves are screwed up. As of right now my left trap is still locked up and crunchy when I move my arm and my neck and shoulder are still killing me. I can't even grab a half gallon of milk from the fridge out with my left arm, no strength and shooting/stabbing pain from my shoulder to the base of my skull. Yea, life sucks right now but atleast I'm still walking and alive. Doctors told me two inches to the right and I'd be either in a wheelchair or more likely dead from the impact. Best thing I did was not look up when I heard the steel drum fall.

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My sad and lonely Sport Trac waiting to be finished out in the cold...


that thing is gonna be a beast when it's done!

and hope you heal up soon.....injuries are the worst. i had a shoulder surgery like 6 years ago - not fun!

Thanks Jen. I have neck and back damage, mainly nerve damage, my left side has little to no feeling. More doctors visits, PT and no income sucks. It could always be worse though (knocking on wood).

Yeah you could not have a sweet ST to build. That would really suck :D
Hopefully you can recuperate a little more while it's cold out and hit the ground running in the spring when it warms up.

came back checking for updates and read up on the injury.. hope you get back to 100%.

gathering parts for a leaf sprung YJ 30 sas on my 98 ranger, figured id learn best from you ST guys lol

Ok so we were talking about the leafsprings over on Patrick's build thread but I don't want to crowd his build. I'm using Rancho 44044 GW lift springs in front. I still have the set of GW 7 leaf pack springs. I'm not sure what I'm doing with them yet but once you get to the point where you need springs let me know because they came from a GW that was getting a full off frame resto and only had around 60k miles on them and I probably won't use them. .

Ok, so I'm looking for steering stop nuts and bolts for a Dana 44 knuckle that has dual steer stop bolts. Who sales just the bolts and nuts? I'm going to call ECGS and PartsMike tomorrow to see if they should've been included with this kit...


They look like this installed...


There's a local guy on CL that bought this kit with the double hole high steer arm and the D.O.M. full crossover steer kit but never used it. The steer stop bolts and nuts aren't in the kit. Can I just use Grade 8 bolts or do I need the actual hardware that's supposed to be in on these knuckles. Everything is brand new in the packages, he did install the balljoints already which saves me the trouble. LOL

I got the kits for free because I sold a lot of car parts and other items that I got for free off CL over the past year to pay for them. Now I just need to get those bolts.



Ok, since I can't physically work on my truck right now due to injury and the -20 degree windchills outside I've been going through the list of mods that I want to do and have planned for years now. One of them is to get rid of the huge overhang from the back of the bed by bobbing the bed. This has never been done before and will be extremely difficult since the bed is composite and fiberglass with metal inserts so I can't just cut and weld like on any other truck bed.

Thanks to toypaseo for photoshopping what it would look like bobbed, I really like the extreme departure angle it has now. If anyone else knows how to photoshop and would like to do their own version you can use my truck picture as a template on this thread here and ad to it.

Can someone bob the bed of my Sport Trac please?

Here's the pictures he photoshopped.



Funny how things work out in the ST world. I had someone that wanted to buy my bed extender from me today so we met up and found out that we know each other from here. His name is Valas1969 and he had just bought a 3" BL kit and Prothane body bushing kit from another local guy (not a member), he came to get the bed extender but since he didn't really need the bushing kit and I did we traded. Great guy. I've needed the bushing replaced for about two years now.



Yep I'm bored...

Just seeing if anyone is still following this.

Gotta have updates to follow. ..:D

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Ok, here's future update for Christmas. Too much time on my hands. LOL

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the trails,
every Jeep was stranded, their progress like snails.
They had no shovels, no rope and no winch,
no CB, no cell-phone, to get out of their pinch.
When out from a mud pit, there arose such a clatter;
all the wheelers came running to see what was the matter.
I saw a Jeep all covered in crud;
he had blown his motor trying to get through the mud.
As he stood there I noticed his glowing red face,
and I knew in an instant he wanted out of this place.
I glanced at his roof, it was all I could see;
He pleaded for help from my 351w.
So I opened the box in the bed of my Ford.
and pulled out a strap, said "Hook er up boy!"
He went for a swim In the watery hell,
and I just laughed as he cussed and yelled.
He hooked up the strap to his buried front hook,
I pulled out the slack just like in the book.
I locked in my hubs and dropped in 4 low,
he looked up and said to me, "just take er slow"
He knocked off his boots and climbed back in his truck,
then the fun came, time to get him un-stuck.
I rev'ed up to 4 and then dumped the clutch,
looked back at his face, he yelled "NOT THAT MUCH!"
The strap pulled tight and arose from the mud,
one broke down Jeep, one 4 liter dud.
All gathered round, couldn't believe what they saw,
I grinned and said "it's a Sport Trac thing ya'll"
I could tell he was pissed as he stepped out,
but he shook my hand, cause that's what it's all about.
I then drove my Sport Trac through the same mud and muck;
no problem for me, cause I got a REAL truck!
I wound down my window as I drove out of sight,
and smugly yelled "Next time Stay home Christmas night!"

Well you wanted an update, here's the latest. Battle Born is in it's new home. a 12x20x8 garage in a box carport with doors on both ends.



Nice. Not all protection is bolted or welded on.

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Not till I'm cleared by the doctors but atleast when I can start on it, it'll be out of the weather. The muscles are getting stronger but I still have neck and back issues as well as soft tissue damage inside my shoulder socket.

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Thanks guys. Well I took it easy and just did what I was allowed to do as per doctors and physical therapists orders with help.

Got the cross member cut back 2" to move the front shackle cross member forward to where it needed to be. Lined everything up after measuring about 20 times to make sure before welding it into place. Now the rear shackles sit at 75 degrees back under full weight. Sitting on it's on weight now at ride height. Pictures are being uploaded to PB to post here now.