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2003 Sport Trac - SAS, SOA started and here's a sneek peek.

MidnightRebel07's Sport Trac SAS, 351w Build on 37's

I've been talking for years about doing this and since the transmission is on it's way out enough to where I can't drive it a long distance, the fan clutch died (can't drive it without fan) I parked it.

I started tearing everything from the rear suspension to do the SOA. finished that yesterday (for the most part). Perches are tacked in (will finish welding them on with the Miller 252 at my custom truck clubs garage once I get everything mocked into place and a space opens up). Shocks are bolted into the top bolt hole for the sway bar (sway bar is removed). I cut the shock mounts off of the spring plates and will weld them onto the top of the axle later. I still need to get longer stainless braided hoses for the main rear brake line.

I now have the front jacked up sitting on jack stands so I can start cutting off the front suspension and engine crossmember. Hopefully if the weather permits this week for a couple hours in the mornings before work I can cut all that out.

I'll be starting a SAS, SOA, 351w, C6, 1356 manual transfer case thread sometime soon when I have time but for now I'll just add info here.




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The enclosure is a Shelter Logic garage in a box, it's 12'x20'x8' and runs about $500+ online but I got mine off CL for $100 and it came with an extra one minus the poles so if I could get poles for t I would have two for $100 plus the cost of the poles.

There's a guy on CL close to me selling the same enclosure for $250, it's only two weeks old.

hmm i may need to look for one of those to try and pick up... would beat having to tarp it up when i leave it. cause i will probably cut out the IFS/ plate/ clean the whole frame up prior to this winter then come spring ill do the SAS/ SOA

Well sorry guys and gals, no progress on the rig yet, been extremely busy with work and don't have the spare cash right now for the needed parts to finish it. My wife starts back to work when school starts so I'll have some funds then. I've ben slowly taking parts off to sale. Just removed the radiator to sale to a local ST guy that has a cracked rad. The drivetrain will be coming out soon if I can get weekend off from work.

Late night wrenching, I miss doing this. Gotta get as much done as I can on my day off of work. I finally made some progress today on getting the truck ready to yank out the V6 drive train and swap in the 351w e.f.i, C6, 1356 manual t-case from my F-250 donor truck. Here's some pictures...







looking good! gonna be sweet when you are done

Hey everyone just a heads up Jerry, me and my son will be pulling his drive train out tomorrow. so there will be a little more progress for him. plus i am buying his drive train for my turbo build.

And it's gutted. One step closer to having the 351w, C6 and manual t-case. My buddy Valas Homan will have a motor and trans for his turbo build. I'll upload pictures as soon as I can get enough time.

May have already been discussed but what's the fuel delivery of that 351?

Electric fuel pump to the e.f.i. intake. It's from a 1989 F-250 so it's fuel injected but no need for emissions crap, all that stuff will be removed.

Does this carport make my rear look big ???


Everything except the power brake booster and A/C box is gutted. I removed the complete fuel system front to back because I'll be running a Bronco II gas tank. I removed the complete front and engine wiring harness so I can chase wires, splice and dice into the F-250 351w engine harness. Cut out all the UCA and shock brackets. Whenever I get spare time I'll be prepping the frame and making steel plates reinforcements for the front section and notching the frame for the Toyota steering box like they installed on the Rock Trac.










You mentioned the Yota box. Do you already have one? Only reason I ask is because Super Duty boxes come pre-tapped for hydro-assist and I would think they would be stronger. I ended up using one for a 6.0 on mine.

And just a side note they are 4turns lock to lock. Takes a lot of movement to turn but really nice on the p/s pump and in the even the truck doesn't run its easier to turn the wheels.



Patrick: No, I haven't bought the Yota steering box yet, I have the box form the donor F-250 but I was thinking of going with the Yota because it mounts on the outside of the frame and will allow for more space for the steering shaft, exhaust and motor in general. I'll have to look into it more before I make my final decision on which box to use.

Hugh: Well get on it man, I know you have a kid now and a house but you've also got a couple projects that are sitting and have been sitting for a while now and probably won't get done for a very long time due to other more important financial responsibilities (family first). Sale one to fund the other. That's a hard call though because I'm partial to both the Cougar and the ST. Life's hard decisions. LOL

Speaking of hydro-assist......

I have an F-150 box that I believe is tapped for hydro-assist. My question is can the SOHC steering pump keep up with hydro-assist?

I don't know much about the whole setup, but I know it's not just the steering box that plays a role.

It seems like with some kits there is a possibility of using the stock pump if I'm reading right. I started looking at PSC's website just seeing what they have. Some kits include a pump and the better ones come with a new pump.

I know it's been a while since I've posted on here and done anything to Battle Born. I've been stuck working 14-20hr. days for Christmas peak season straight thru since Thanksgiving non stop. The last time I worked on Battle Born was back in October when I removed the stock knuckles, axle shafts and steering assembly to make room for the chromoloy shafts, Mike's High Steer armless knuckles and new brakes. I still need to swap out the gears and carriers once I purchase those. It's been sitting like this since then.




Some more goodies I ordered during RuffStuff's Halloween sale. There's actually 4 "the Cure" bushings, the other three were shipped out separately, someone forgot to put them in the box. Mass orders to fill, it's understandable.



Gonna try and get some more work done on it throughout the winter but we'll see. I'm looking for another job right now because I quit this one. 14-20hr. days are too much and extremely illegal in my line of work (not saying I can't do it, hell I've been doing it) but I was starting to lose my family. Things got difficult between me and my wife and my 4yr old was starting to say he hated me and wished I would lose my job, Family is my number one priority (not only supporting them financially but being there for them as well). Hope y'all have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jerry, hang in there man. I'm glad to hear you hold family number 1 as so many don't nowadays. Sorry to hear about the job, but better things will come down the line for you for sure.

On a different note, are you planning on keeping your oem axle shafts as backups?

Yep, they'll be back ups for trail repair only. I already have CTM u joints to put on the chromoly shafts and I'll just put spicers in these.

I knew this job wasn't gonna last as soon as I did my interview but I needed something that wasn't too physically demanding when I started so I could ease back into the working world after my injuries. I actually did flatbed sidecurtain unloading lumber supplies for a couple days before I started this job which really pushed my physical limits to the max.

I'll get back to working, gonna be more strict on myself in choosing my next job. Has to has a set schedule, pay and days off, you wouldn't think that's too much to ask for but nowadays most places want you to have an open schedule and do whatever they want even if it's illegal.

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Good lord it's been a while. No progress on Battle Born since last reported. I've been going from **** job to ****tier job since last year at this time getting screwed over again and again. I'd love to become self employed and not have to rely on a company that doesn't care about it's employee's. One day I guess I'll get there. On a side note my wife and I are expecting our second son due November 8th (Tuesday) so I've been busy getting everything ready for the baby.