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2003 XLT 4x4 V6 Rear Brakes


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January 4, 2013
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2003 Explorer XLT
Probably a dumb question but do the rear disc brakes change out like the fronts on these vehicles? I've never done rear discs on any vehicle and was just wondering if the procedure was the same or if there are some 'extra' steps, etc.

I will not be removing the rotors, just changing out the pads.

But, while I'm here I may as well ask just in case. If I were to pull the rear rotors to change them, do I need to adjust the parking brake in order to get the rotors off and back on again or can they simply be pulled off and the new one put back on without any adjusting?

Thanks guys!

1) Changing the rear disk brake pads are essentially the same as the front. They're just single-piston calipers as opposed to the front dual-piston calipers.

1.1) When swapping the pads, don't be a dunce like I was the first time and put them on the wrong sides. The pads usually have a notch that sits on the metal shims, and I spent half a day jamming them on upside-down when they were really just on the wrong side. Hopefully your pads come with new shims too.

2) As long as the parking brake is released, you should just be able to pull the rotors right off (or convince them with some muscle). That would also be the perfect time to inspect those brake shoes and replace them and the hardware if necessary, plus re-adjusting them especially.