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2003 XLT Rear Brakes


September 8, 2008
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2003 XLT V6
2003, 4x4, V6, XLT, 40k miles.

For some reason, the rotors on the right side of my vehicle are rusting out on the edges. This causes brake vibrations and all sorts of funny noises under braking.

I park along the street (left side or right side) as I have no driveway but it always seems to be only the rights giving me trouble. Ford has replaced these twice now under my extended warranty but I believe they may be using inexpensive China junk as replacements.

I have ordered Wagner Thermo-quiet Pads to use and would like to ask everyone what rotors they would recommend. I really don't want to pay $150 per rotor and was looking at just a basic OEM replacement that is a good quality and will resist rusting.

Also, being I'm going to do this job myself. I'm a bit nervous about disassembly of the rear rotors being the emergency brake system is involved. Can I just remove the rear rotors and pop the new ones on without worrying about adjusting the emergency pads or is there some work involved with that to change-out the rotors?

rotors are steel, and rust, it goes away with driving, how do you feel rear brake rotors.......

rear rotors will cause a brake pedal pulsation never a vibration.

The rear rotors are easier than the front, and dont worry about the emergency brake hasnt ever given me any trouble. I use regular rotors from napa and have never had a problem. I also use the napa adaptive one brake pads which I must say work good.