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2004 Bixenon retrofit in black headlights

Hey guys im new here ( well not really new just don't post much ) and i done a mod i thought you might all like to see , i used a new set of black headlights and the Morimoto Mini Bixenon kit that i got from the retrofit source , i have detailed installation pictures of step by step that i will upload later if enough people want me to but for now here was the finished result your opinions are welcome !!!



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Damn those look good. With the bixenon kit there is actually two filaments correct? And I still see the stock high beam bulbs. When you turn on the highs do both sets turn on (stock and the secondary xenon)?

Nice work! I'm sure many would like to see your detailed pics. :thumbsup:

ohh ohh do mine next!! very nice install though reminds me of a range rover!.. and i believe when he turns the hi beams on then just the halogens come on. They use halogen for hi beams because HIDs take a few seconds to heat up and become bright. and since hi beams come on and off often they rarely use them for hi beams..

I understand the logic behind what your saying but it is called bixenon not xenon-halogen HID.

he may simply be using the bi xenon projector with a single filament HID

nice work on the headlights and beautiful explorer(love the WV plate too btw:D). I see you are from Fairmont, my family is from there and I go to school in Morgantown, nice to see another member is so close by :salute:

Thanks for the compliments guys and to answer some of the questions no they don't have a double filament the projector works as the high low beam with and internal piece that flips up and down and yes both the projector and standard high beam bulb come on when i flip in to high beam , i got the total kit from the retrofit source Dead Link Removed
the kit comes with everything you need to get the kit installed and up and running it costs about $280 and is well worth the money and i got the 6000k bulbs.
the black headlights came from ebay and seemed to be pretty good quality i have the black and clear corner lights in the mail so will post more pics of what both look like
together .
i will sort through the pics and get a full install guide done for you guys over the next few days and will be happy to help or answer questions where i can !!!
And yes im from Fairmont I'm actually from England originally but moved to the states about 6 years ago :-)

:)sorry i have not done the guide yet guys i will get it up i have just been having a few electrical problems ( unrelated to this ) with it and when i sort those i will get the guide up , sorry for the wait !!

Any luck figuring out your electrical issues?

yeah just got a new battery alternator and terminals put in, not sure which one was broke but its all good now and i finally got my black clear corners installed with the switch back side marker bulbs looks very good pics and install guide will be coming next week sorry about the wait guys !!

OK guys here is the guide i promised you, first thing you need to do is check you have everything you need to start the job and tools !! you will need a Dremel tool with a fine grinding end, a bunch of screw drivers, something very flat and plastic to pry the lenses apart later some sealant , zip ties, an oven, a powerful air blower ( compressor ) some smear free and gentle glass cleaner some microfiber cleaning cloths some clamping grips...thats all i can think of right now !!

Here is the complete setup i ordered, please note all that you see came as the kit except the high beam splitters ( although they did come from same place ) and the black headlights which came from eBay

once you feel you have everything your going to need park your explorer flat facing a white wall, or a garage wall and use tape or black a pen to mark where your current headlight beam is hitting so you can use as a guide to aim the new lights before you start !! VERY IMPORTANT when you have the beam pattern marked where your happy you can go ahead and remove the factory headlights ( if you don't know how to do this look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQJrO0L_tSM

once you have the factory headlights removed go ahead and place the new headlights in and turn them on and use the adjustment screws until your happy you have the new beam pattern correct and in the right place see below


Now to start installing the wiring for the HID'S the first thing i done was to find a safe place for the ballasts to fit where i could access them if needed so i mounted the brackets to the ballasts and started looking then after a short time i found the perfect spot where i could utilize one of the factory scews ( bolt ) to hold the ballasts out of the way as well

below you will see the ballasts installed on both sides with the factory bolts and they are perfectly hidden out the way and safely secured so it will prevent them coming loose or getting damaged later


once you have the 2 ballasts firmly in place you can start running the loom, what i decided to do was the run the loom from the drivers side to the passenger side by removing the plastic shield above the rad and zip tying the HID loom to the factory loom keeping it safe and tucked out the way, see a rough idea below

once you have done this the rest is easy you have an earth strap on both sides , on the passenger side i found a very handing bolt right by the airbox that i could utilize as an earth point

On the drivers side i just fixed the earth straight to the battery and pinched it between the regular battery wires !!

after you have completed all of the above there is very little left to do, the wiring harness only uses one of the original headlight power sockets which i used the drivers side because it was the closest!
so on the passenger side you can just tuck the other one away, at this point you can also connect the harness to the ballasts, and you can add the main beam splitters on each side which later will allow you to use the bixenons and the original main beams and i also zip tied the relay up tight next to the battery ( i read its important to keep it up right ) and also connect the power wire to the positive side of the battery !!


once you have done all of the above the harness is ready, safe and all connected and your car is ready to except the newly modified HID Bixenon headlights ( when you have done them ) !!! will post the making the headlights guide later because im tired goodnight :-)