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2004 Ex - ABS Module Issue (Have Codes)


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January 1, 2011
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2004 XLT, 4.0
New Official Member here. Been browsing forever and finally created an account. Site is great but cant seem to find what I need. I have been trying to get rid of a pesky ABS light to no avail... Does have the intermittent cruise control issue... Also, it does not seem to like to go into 4lo, but other 4x4 buttons seem to work. Other vehicle history - past ABS and 4x4 light issue was fixed with new ABS sensor in front, plus new main computer which controls 4x4 as well...

Sick of paying dealer to read codes which half the time doesn't help anyhow. I first had them check the ABS codes and they indicated that due to B2900 code and pinpoint check that the ABS module was bad. I ordered a used on online and installed. Light still on. I purchased AutoEnginuity with Ford package to help (BTW-I am in Northern NY, Watertown area if anyone wants to check their codes...). This is what I have for codes:

Make: Ford Model: Explorer Year: 2004

MIL: Off

Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Generic Powertrain
No diagnostic codes retrieved

B1342 ECU Is Faulted
B1921 Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor Ground Circuit Open

Park Aid
No response from module

Enhanced Powertrain CAN
P1000 OBD Systems Readiness Test Not Complete

Electonic Automatic Temperature Control CAN
No diagnostic codes retrieved

Tire Pressure Monitor CAN
No diagnostic codes retrieved

4x4 Control CAN
B1317 Battery Voltage High
B1318 Battery Voltage Low
U1900 CAN Communication Bus Fault - Receive Error

Instrument Cluster CAN
U1900 CAN Communication Bus Fault - Receive Error
B2659 Courtesy Switch Fault
B1352 Ignition Key-In Circuit Failure
B1318 Battery Voltage Low
U2013 Compass Module is not Responding

Anti-Lock Brake/Traction Control CAN
B2900 VIN Mismatch
U1900 CAN Communication Bus Fault - Receive Error
C1236 Speed Wheel LR Input Signal Missing
C1235 Speed Wheel RR Input Signal Missing

The main thing that grabs my attention is the same B2900 code. I wonder if I wasted time and money to replace the ABS module. At first I thought the replacement module wasn't the right one as the serial/part numbers on them weren't exactly the same, but now not so sure that is the issue... Thinking about buying the $20 cruis control part that goes on the master cylinder because of cruise issue. Any help would be appreciated. Is there other pinpoints I can check? Thanks in advance.

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I did a little more research this AM and found that you need to re-program ABS modules in order for them to work properly... That may explain the fault codes on the ABS module VIN mismatch, no rear signal. Anyone have experience with this? I'm sure if I go back to the dealer that will be $200 or more...

I have no ideas nor help on your ABS issue. I guess you'll have to have the ABS module programmed? Let us know what you find out with your code scanner after you have that done.

BTW, what did you have to give for the AutoEnginuity and Ford package?

I just got it. It was $350 plus shipping/handling including the Ford Package. Plus some free cheesy Diesel hat because it was cyber Monday... I dont know all of what it can do but it seems pretty sweet. It can static scan, monitor while running, among all sorts of other things. Also came with separate Speedtracer program geared towards racers. It can monitor quarter mile times, RPMs, dyno the vehicle somehow, etc.

I am hoping to have the dealership reprogram the module and bleed the module tomorrow. I also have to let the thing go thru the drive cycle to clear the other codes...I hope.


So I was finally able to get to the dealer after I was sidetracked with another issue: I went to go to the dealer and the battery had went completely dead. It ended up being the rear wiper motor was bad and trying to run, hence, killing the battery.

Anyways, went to the dealer today with my squishy brakes and the junk yard ABS module installed. Told them I had replaced it because they said it was bad (I previously had them read the ABS codes and let me know what the problem was $89 later). I said they needed to program it and bleed the brakes with their computer. They said that there was no guarantee as it was a junkyard part, blah blah. I understood.

They called me not a hour later and said that the thing needed to be reprogrammed along with the PCM because it wouldnt recognize the new module. They also said that since it wasnt the exact replacement serial number that there was no guarantee it would work. They also said they needed a second key to make this hole thing start to maybe possibly work...

So, I took company vehicle to my house to get the key, went back to dealership. I indicated to them that they are the ones that told me that the module was bad and that they never indicated that it had to be some super specific part...so this is why I went and ordered a part online as it specified (4x4, no-traction control, etc. (there was never any indication they things were very specific)) At this time I told them that it didnt make any sense that they didnt know whether it would work or not.) I told them to bleed the brakes and give me the thing back with a light on because I wasnt goign to pay an additional $200 to see if maybe it would work...

I left and came back later in the day. To me surprise my complaining paid off, as the lady had her techs try to program the thing anyhow and it worked! She said she felt bad about the whole situation... Anyways, in the end I believe that my research ended up being right (this site helped a lot). Sometimes you have to go with what you feel is right (assuming you have done some homework) I also got a free key out of the deal because they needed 2 keys to program the thing and I never left the secong key as I told them to give up... Anyways, no lights on.

So did p1000 need to be completed to remove abs vin mismatch b2900 and Amber ABS light? Or was it the bleed? Plz any help is greatly appreciated.

So did p1000 need to be completed to remove abs vin mismatch b2900 and Amber ABS light? Or was it the bleed? Plz any help is greatly appreciated.

I've been driving for a month now with the ABS light ON, due to used ABS Module I installed, it's constantly throwing B2900, VIN mismatch, which I could care less about. Truck runs fine, entirely normal. B2900 must be fixed by a dealer, if at all, they download the correct VIN into it. Runs OK without it, though.

Be aware, the ABS Module has the power to "throw codes", even including Forced Limited Power, or Forced Engine Shutdown, without help from the PCM. It happened to me; no CEL either. imp