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2004 explorer 4.0 TB spacer delete and seafoam video with results


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July 22, 2015
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dallas ft worth texas
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2004 eddie bauer 4.0
A few weeks ago my rig was throwing codes and idling too low and wouldnt stay running after starting. i cleaned the throttle body and found success, no more codes, smoother idle, and overall ran smoother. When i had the TB off i saw the weird spacer with the teeth. Seemed very counter intuitive so i researched and found out some of you guys had a solution and good performance results. The felpro gasket 61050 worked great using the nuts i punched out of the old spacer. i got some better throttle response and less lag when shifting. Definitely worth the 20 mins and 2$. the video also shows how gunky it looked in the manifold, wherein i saw the opportunity to test the "seafoam upper intake cleaner and lube". I wont say the results are clear cut however, the butt dyno and the exploders mpg calculator indicate pretty good improvements. I would guesstimate it at +1.5 -2 mpg's.

Part 1
Part 2

Any questions or suggestions ?