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2004 Explorer front drive shaft


December 24, 2008
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Wayland NY
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I am new to Ford came over from GM. I have a 2004 Explorer and I was wondering when the truck is in 2wd should you be able to turn the front drive shaft by hand? The Explorer does have 4x4 auto, 4x4 high and 4x4 low.
On my Gmc I had to replace a vacume switch on the transfer case because the front drive shaft was locked but the front wheels did not spin in 2wd just the shaft was locked in. Thanks

Well, your front hubs do not disconnect in 2x4 mode. Your front differential and drive-shaft are always engaged to the front wheels and will always spin when you are moving. When you are in 2x4 mode on the highway your front drive shaft is still gong to be spinning, not by the transfer case but by the front wheels.

If your front wheels were jacked up into the air then you could spin/freewheel you front drive shaft by hand in 2x4 more. Otherwise when the front wheels are on the ground you cannot freewheel the front drive shaft even in 2x4.

The front wheels never disconnect from the differential/ driveshaft. The only disconnection is between the transfercase and the front drive shaft.