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2004 Explorer Left rear turn signal problem


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February 23, 2009
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Norcross, GA
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2004 Explorer XLS
Hey all....first time poster....thanks in advance for any help....

The left rear turn/break light on my explorer went out a while back. I replaced the bulb, no luck....replaced the socket the bulb sits in because it looked like it had "burned out", no luck...now I'm trying to track down the fuse to check. I've been all through the owner's manual and for the life of me can't figure out which fuse to check. There's nothing that jumps out at me as "left rear (turn, brake, etc)".

Can anybody point me to which number fuse I should be looking at or any other suggestions for diagnosing/fixing the issue? It's only the turn/brake light on the back left (driver's) side.

Thanks everyone....and go Dawgs (for you college football fans out there)

Hey everybody...one more piece to the puzzle...

When I hit the lock button on my keyless entry, the brake light flashes...so it's just when I depress the pedal or use the turn signal that it doesn't work

If Im not mistaken when you hit the lock button its not the brake light or turn signal that lights its the parking light. Its the same bulb if Im not mistaken so it must be somewhere in the wiring that sends a signal to the brake/turn and makes it bright. I would start at the flasher but I am not sure where that is on the 04, the manual should say where it is, I think I heard it was under the steering wheel. If thats OK, I would follow that back to the bulb. it wouldnt make sense though if the other side is working alright, but its the best place to start