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2004 Explorer xls cv axle (Replacement axle has tone ring)


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June 17, 2019
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Kernersville, NC
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2004 Explorer xls 2wd
Hello all!

I am new to this forum and I hope this question is in the right area.

I have a 2004 xls 2wd Explorer. I am replacing the rear, passenger side cv axle. The part I ordered was an "exact match" to my vehicle (Carquest #NCV11122). The new axle I purchased has a tone ring (obviously my older year doesn't have Advance Trac). I have searched for other axles and keep finding only ones with this ring.

Will this work with my vehicle? Is this ring something that I can/need to remove? The parts store said these axles are standard now and will work.

Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated.

You can remove it or leave it. Manufacturers don’t want to produce two versions of an axle that stores would then have to carry. These take up a lot of space on the shelf.

So they make one version that fits both needs. This is common in a lot of aftermarket products.