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2004 Ford Explorer 5R55S shifting problems


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January 14, 2017
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2004 Ford Explorer XLT

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT with about 126,000 miles. Recently, I have been having some issues with slipping gears or not going into gear. It hesitates when going from 2nd to 3rd and sometimes 4th. Also it's worst when the temperature is cold outside. I have a 5R55S transmission and the fluid was changed about 65,000 miles. I have read several posts about issues with the solenoid and other problems. My question Is there an easy way to diagnose the problem without just start replacing parts that are known to cause issues? Second has anyone had the solenoid replaced and if so what is the cost to have someone else do it?

Do you have any codes coming up? Usually solenoid issues run from P0750 through P0770.

Swapping the solenoid isn't that difficult. You'll have to drop the pan (drain the tranny oil first) ;-)

The solenoid is held up with torx screws and connected to a cable on top with a 10mm bolt. Be careful with removing the cable on top. It might be seized with rust or other gunk from years of driving in various conditions. Don't force it... Slow and steady and it should come out. If you break it while removing then you have another part to replace.

I've taken mine out when I swapped my valve body gasket...

It could also be your servos. They are notorious for wearing down over time and causing slipping and shift flares.

YouTube is your best friend...

Good luck.