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2004 Ford Explorer transmission. Options?


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January 17, 2020
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2004 XLT V6
Hey everyone. My wife purchased a 2004 Ford explorer XLT V6 a few months ago with 155,000 miles. Only planned on using it to cross the pass here in Oregon during the winter and some other minor reasons. Fast forward to last week and she called me describing some issues with the transmission. Delayed shifting, hard shifting etc. Managed to get it to autozone to get the codes read( OD light flashing, maintanence light flashing) Came back with about 9 different codes all concerning the transmission. Got it back home and into the shop. Pulled the drain/add/check plug for the tranny pan and BLACK fluid came pouring out. Moved to then dropping the pan and discovered some metal chunks in the pan and alot of shavings built up on the magnet.
My questions are:

1) Is it worth possibly rebuilding the transmission itself? ( issue with this is the Gen has known issues so would I just be putting a bandaid over a bigger chronic issue)

2) To be able to get a remanufactured transmission, do they only sell them to certified shops? (due to the warranty that comes with them)

3) Are there any special tools I need to purchase prior? ( I have a decent shop setup but nothing specific for "transmission servicing" etc

4) I live near Eugene, Oregon. Are there any reputable shops that you know of that could either, A) do everything for a good price B) rebuild current one if brought to them C) Or sell a remanufactured or rebuilt with updated parts.

I hope I made sense with everything. Ill upload some pictures to show what came out of the pan etc.



im probably not going to be much help as im just now coming back to fords. however having the transmission rebuilt by a reputable shop is a good option. if something inside is broken it can be replaced and if its not repairable a reputable shop wont want to tarnish thier good name by bandaiding it. they will alert you of what has actually happened and probably suggest a reman replacement or a used transmission. on a side note one of the transmissions in this year range had an issue with the pistons. im unsure what ford does to repair the problem but i know there is a kit you can buy aftermarket thats supposed to last longer than fords fix. now this kit wont fix your problem as your definitely not supposed to have chunks like that in your pan but its something that could be done to a used transmission.

Yes I agree the best option is to have your local transmission shop rebuild it, they should be able to install all the upgrades and modification this transmission needs to ensure it will perform the way it should.. If you have any problems with it you just take it back to them and let them fix it.

If you buy a rebuilt one and have it installed its a big hassle to get it repaired or replaced.

Those chunks look like pieces of a clutch drum or a clutch hub, kind of hard to make them out, one thing for sure is its broke.