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2004 - most common axle and ratio?


August 22, 2007
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Fairfax Station, Virginia
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2004 Sport Trac
So, am on the cusp of buying a 2004 ST with roof, leather, tow package (class III hitch) etc ... 80K miles.

Have read lots of threads, but wonder if someone could sort something for me ...

Only trans is the R55E, right?

What is the most common axle ratio and type?

What codes should I look for on the door to make the final determination?

Any other comments re common issues is certainly appreciated!!

Thanks - I look forward to asking questions and being a contributor as I get into the maintenance and repair cycle.


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Welcome to the site and congrats on the best truck ever made!! IMO...

Yes on the trans. I am sure others have used beefed up ones but that is the most common.

The Sport Trac (01-05) comes equipped with the ford 8.8 rear end. It has 31 spline axles and the larger center pin. The 01 and 02 came with rear drum brakes. The 03-05 has rear disc brakes. You can convert them.
Look on the sticker that is located towards the bottom on your drivers door. You will find a AXL code. This code will tell you the axle ratio and differential type in your st.

46 — 3.73 non-limited slip
42 — 4.10 non-limited slip
D4 — 3.73 limited slip
D2 — 4.10 limited slip.

Early buyers have commonly reported the following problems with their Sport Tracs, Most of the problems listed below have been corrected by the 2003 model year:

Vibration in the steering during tight, low speed maneuvers
Fuel door rubs against body panel.
Moon roof leak.
Inadequately painted areas in door frame.
Ringing/rattling noise coming from between cab and cargo bed area.
Difficult or inconsistent starting due to a defective fuel pump.
Premature wear of the ball joints
Transmission 2-3 slipping when shifting
Weak seat belt retraction
suspension noises
So far, these recurring items appear to be nuisance issues. None of these problems appear to impact the overall reliability of the Sport Trac.


Mine is a 4.10 ratio.

Most common axle is the 4.10 because most came with 255/70-16 tires.
3.73 came on trucks with the smaller 235/70-16 tires.

Thanks to all ...!!

I am close to final offer of about 9K ... this seem a fair price?

Not trying to steal it, but dont wanna pay more than I should.


Check www.kbb.com but $9k for an '04 sounds good to me.