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2004 sport trac heater blows but no heat , where is the blend door located


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January 8, 2021
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2004 Explorer xlt sport t
My 2004 sport trac heater blows and works properly but the air doesn't heat up. I've read about the acuator problem on explorers and have watched videos on opening the blend door manually. I'm having trouble finding the blend door on my 2004 sport trac. Does anyone know where the blend door is located on this vehicle? None of the instructional videos i've found are specific to the 2004 sport trac. I found a door behind the glove box and it works, but i think this is the fresh air door not the blend door. I've checked the hot water hose valve that allows hot water from the raiator to go into the core and that works. I've checked the hose on both sides of that valve and it is hot. I've checked the hose going into the core and come out of the core and both are hot. I've taken out the radio and AC/Heat controls looking for the actuator and the the blend door and can't find it. I went to Autozone looking for a schematic of where the actuator and blend door would be, but they had nothing that showed the location. when I switch from AC to heat only ambient temperature air comes out. The heater is not heating at all. Everything I've found online suggest the actuator. the only thing that looks like an acuator I can find is directly above the glove box , but I'm pretty sure that controls the fresh air door which is working properly.
Please, help me out. Thanks.