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2004 Sport Trac instrument cluster compatability


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July 17, 2013
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2004 Explorer Sport Trac
Hi all,

I have a 2004 Explorer Sport Trac. The instrumentation cluster stopped giving me an odometer reading several months ago. Finally got the time to fix this, and am looking for a new instrument cluster.

I have found several clusters at various parts sources (including Ebay) that fit a 2004 Explorer, but I'm not getting any solid answers on whether that display will fit a Sport Trac. Does anyone have information on whether they are compatible?


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the difference that i see between explorer and sport trac is significant. aside from color obviously you also have the compass and outdoor temp in the expo whereas the trac doesnt have these.

your best bet is check www.partshotlines.com and search year make and model for the cluster. stick to 04-05 sport trac only that would be the matching bill

Thanks for the reply... I've tried the parts store you listed as well as some local parts depots here in the Cincinnati area. Not having much luck finding the part for anything less than $350. Sooooo many Explorer clusters out there, it was just too tempting.

I'll keep searching. Thanks.

Woah, wait another Cincinnati person?! Right on! Have you tried http://www.greensalescompany.com/

I go there for most of my parts because there are not a lot of junkyards around here that have explorers/sport tracs.

yeh 01-03 had the old school analog style odometer and trip meter. the 04-05 have the digital odometer and trip meter in the bottom right corner this section is also used to tell you doors open, low fuel, check gauges, gas cap, etc. it doesnt have compass or temperature like the 04+ explorers do our compass and temp our up high between the sun visors. for your situation you are stuck with two years of only one model sorry to burst your bubble but it is a 04-05 explorer sport trac only cluster

EDIT: here is an ebay link to an 04-05 rolled sport trac that you can get the cluster from free shipping too.