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2004 sport trac parts


January 10, 2017
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2004 sport-trac xlt
Hi, all. What body parts interchange between sport tracs and regular explorers? Are the front doors the same between the 2004 sport trac and the 2000 explorer? Is the door on the 2 door sport the same size as a sport trac or is it not the same? I see it has the same moldings and mirrors as the sport trac. Will front door glass interchange between regular (2000ish) explorers and the sport tracs? Im assuming the rear doors are exclusive to the sport trac.

Another member recently put an Explorer door (from a 4 door) on his Sport Trac. The basic door is the same, but minor differences in trim, etc. Front door glass should be the same. I don't know about the rear doors as I've never looked that close. 2 door Sport doors are longer than Sport Trac doors, and won't swap. Mirrors I assume are the same, and the front piece of the plastic cladding on the lower rocker panels is the same for the Sport and Sport Trac. And of course the front fenders, hood, grille, front bumper, headlights, turn signal lights, are the same.

Thanks for the info and the link. Ive gotten upgraded pics of the truck and hopefully I just need the 3 glasses and the mirrors. I think the door is still good. I wont really know until I get my own eyes on it.