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2004 sport trac turn signal stopped working


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November 25, 2013
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2004 ford sport trac
My 2004 Sport Track the front right turn signal flash fast and right rear turn signal stopped working, also have no stop or 4ways on right rear side

1. changed bulb, clean and checked plug works on left side.
2. flasher was clicking fast, changed flasher with after market flasher EP27 from part store.

Now the flasher sound right and front right flashes normal, but right rear still does not work no turn, stop or 4way.

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This may sound weird but try switching your blinker up and down very quickly (but carefully). When my multifuntion switch was going out that seemed to help it clear up. Still had to replace it though. Do you live in a cold climate? I would always have to do it more when it was frozen out.

tryed this, did not work, I am in seattle not that cold here, going to take the steering column aprt this weekend and check the multifuntion switch along with checking all the conections