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2004 Sport Trac. Water in the cab.


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August 6, 2011
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2004 Sport Trac
Hey. Ive got an issue with water leaking in the cab of my 2004 Sport Trac. The other day I could hear water splashing around while I was braking and accelerating. (Really screwed me up because it was a really nice day and hadnt rained in a while). I removed the floor panels where the door meets the floor and found that the whole tray was full to the top with water. The wiring harness for the seats was completely submerged in water. I removed the gromets on each end and it drained the water out. I thought that the seal on the front window might be the source but after spraying it with water it didnt leak in the front...... it`s leaking from the rear. Ive read on this forum that the 3rd brake light might be the source of this leak. The rubber/foam material on the floor is totally soaked. Did any one remove the rear seats and pull the foam back to dry it out or did you guys just repair the light and let it dry on its own.
Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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I sealed my third brake light with 3M double sided tapearound the edge of the housing and cut off the excess with a razor blade. Also, the other culprits of leaking are the roof racks where they bolt tot the roof (I sealed with silocone sealent) and if you have a moonroof the drain tubes get clogged with dirt and debris and back up causing leaking water to pool up in the roof panel and floor (You can blow the out with compressed air). the tubes can came separated and leak into the floor pan as well.

I sealed moy roof racks and third brake light five years ago and I haven't had any issues with leakage since.

I can't speak to the leak, but I left my windows down overnight recently while it rained about 4 inches. I figured the water would have a hard time drying from under the vinal so I removed the front seat (4 bolts and 1 torx), and only had to remove the 4 nuts from the front of the rear seats; they fold back enough to roll the flooring forward. Sitting in the sun during the day and a shop fan at night, everything dried out quickly and now I'm not worried about anything growing under my floor.

I have a 2007 Limited. yesterday it rained hard here in Florida and I noticed 1" of water in the tray behind the rear driver seat (just above the cubby). Further investigation found leaking all across the back not from the rear window but up in the roof. I removed the strip panel but can not locate the source of the water as it is coming in along the whole edge. Leaking multiple places. . .

Is there a recall on this/ is dealer aware/ responded - seems to be waaaay to common.

how can i access the sunroof tubes to see if they are clogged?
*also I will plan to check out the 3rd brakelight once we get a dry day.

I accessed my tubes by removing the front pillar moldings and sun visor and pulling down on the headliner front corner(s) enough to see the tube(s). I only checked the passenger side. The tube actually came off the moon roof drain and caused water in the headline that would drain out on to the dash when I braked.