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2004 st front bumper cover


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January 12, 2020
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Thurmont MD
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2004 Sport Trac XLT
Does the 2001-2003 sport trac front bumper cover work on the 2004-2005? Are they the same bumper cover? Are there any differences? Mine has a crack in the front passenger side from previous owner and I found a 2001 st at a local salvage yard with a good bumper cover that I’d like to buy if it’s a fit. Thanks

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Yes they are the same.
Thank you. I went and pulled it today. Seems to be in pretty good shape minus a tiny little crack that will be hidden under the head light but will fix from the back side before Painting and installing. Also there was a explorer sport 2 door model that looks to have the same front bumper cover as well. I couldn’t see anything different on that one as well.

01-03 Sports and 01-05 Sport Trac share the same front clip. I used a Sport clip to practice cutting before cutting mine.

You are correct the 2 door explorer sport 2001-03 has the same front end as 1st gen sport tracs. Good luck with the bumper cover.