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2004 V8 Explorer Starting problems after alternator


December 14, 2012
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fairmont WV
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03 Ford Explorer LTD
so this morning on the way to work my dash lights stereo and gauges started flickering and then i lost all of them permanently ( Including needles ) but the car was running still fine, now i have 2 explorers and i had the exact same problem with the other one 6 months ago which turned out to be the alternator, so with this in mind i stopped and started the car a few times with the same results it would start fine and after a few seconds the gauges would all die but it would keep running but i could see the battery gauge slowly going down so it would seem the car was running from the battery alone with no alternator, also why all this was happening when i restarted one of the 5 times i got a test message on the computer which lead me to all sorts of weird and wonderful numbers and the gauges and it done this odd testing and shaking thingwith the needles and then it dies again, anyway long story short i changed the alternator & terminals and the battery terminals ( battery is tested and fine btw) and now my problem is it will crank over and over and over but it will not start and it doesn't sound like its even trying to spark i can smell the fuel and the pump sounds like its working fine and it has plenty of gas in it but it will just not fire up i plugged it in with the computer and the only error code it has was the ABS sensor and a p1000 code which i believe just means it didn't run a full cycle or something, and all other things said ok but a few said incomplete due to device incompatibility the egr was one of those but no error codes, so please if anyone has any ideas or has suffered a similar problem please enlighten me with your knowledge because im at a loss, i mean i have been thinking maybe a crank sensor or something may have gone but its not kicking any codes and i don't really want to keep throwing money at the wrong things !!! and seems odd cause all was fine due to alternator issue ( or was it alternator?)

Might pull the ECM if you have a parts store near by that can test/flash it.