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2004 Wiring Doesn't Match


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May 30, 2020
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2006 F-150, 2004 Explorer
Can anyone confirm there was a radio harness change in 2004? The part number and every search lead to the same info and adapter. 2005 is a different adapter and looks similar shaped in the pictures. The part number is 7021 I believe. It looks like what's in my F150 2006 but that's custom ordered from Ford and idk if it's the same. Some places say the 06-08 harness is totally different. Others suggest 2005Expos should match 06 F trucks.

2004 adapters are square. I have 3 rectangles which out looks like only one will be used, I assume the one that's ½"thick and 2" long maybe. I had a 6 disc head unit, and there's a drop down DVD/Screen out back. Do I just have an upgraded package with my stereo? There's no indication of it's trim level except that and leather seats. Closer to Bauer's, but it's not.

Last- once I figure this out, is there a way to tie my rear screen back in to the car speakers? How about visual?