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2004 XLT 4.0 Explorer - size of axle nuts?


May 21, 2011
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Christchurch, NZ
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2004 4.0 XLT

Does anyone know the correct size socket to use on a 2004 XLT 4.0 Explorer, both front and rear axle nuts which seem to be different sizes?

I need to remove these but dont have the correct ones, I measured the front at 30mm across the flats but my only 30mm socket feels like a very loose fit and I dont want to put too much pressure on and risk damaging nut or socket. (the socket is just a cheap one and may not be sized that accurately tho.)

I measured the rear one as 35mm but with all the rust etc I'm unsure of my measurements. Are they metric or imperial?

Can anyone who has worked on this exact model please let me know - I think other model years used different sizes.

I'm going to have to buy off the internet as my local suppliers dont stock these. Any recommendations?