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2005 4.0 Slight sputter .


February 15, 2008
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2005 xlt
First time post long time lurker here. Hope you guys can help me with my dilemma. I have a 2005 4.0 X with 84,x.. miles that has recently developed a slight sputter in low rpms. Feels like a slight drop in rpms more like it :banghead:. It usually happens in park or at a light, but it's constant. I have changed the plugs, air filter, added a can of sea foam, and cleaned the tb. Took it over to AutoZone and got a p2104 code prior to cleaning the tb. Not reading any codes after tb was cleaned, but sputter still there. Possible vacuum leak?

Thanks in advance.

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I've heard that they are subject to Intake Manifold leaks and that can cause lean running that may or may not throw a code.

Here is some good reading on the system and P2104 code


Did the codes come back?

No codes. Did notice it only does it between 700-1200 rpms when applying my foot on the gas. Once RPMS go over 1200 sputter is gone. Also, my MPG has gone down to 13-14 from 15-16 city driving. Sprayed brake cleaner around the intake, tb, and several vacuum lines in search of a leak, but none detected.