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2005 Adrenalin Stereo question


May 23, 2014
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2005 ST Adrenalin
I am looking for a diagram for the two wiring harnesses connecting to the external amplifier behind the driver side rear seat for the pioneer system that came in the adrenalin models.

Reason being, I recently picked up clean 2005 ST that came with the adrenalin package and the stereo has started acting up. I noticed that the driver side door speakers are much quieter than the passenger side. Its almost as if the driver side door speakers are only playing out of the small tweeters located in the center of the actual speaker. The sub works well and I even switched out the amp with a working used unit thinking it might be an amp problem since the speakers are working but just not very loud like the passenger side.

What else would be causing this odd problem?

I do plan on upgrading the stock head unit to a kenwood excelon to be able to have an auxiliary input.

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I finally upgraded my stock head unit with a kenwood excelon and it sounds great keeping the factory adrenaline package amp and sub combo.

One problem however...both drivers side door speakers are still not playing at the same level as the passenger side. Its very obvious while in the vehicle and its driving me nuts. It seems like its not playing through the entire speaker and only playing through the tweeter.

Has anyone else run into this problem where just one side of the vehicle stereo isnt as loud as the other?

So far I have ruled out the head unit since it happens with the stock and aftermarket units, I also ruled out the amp because I bought a working used amp and the same problem persists. So it has to be something from the amp to the speaker?

Just found my answer and in case anyone else has this problem hopefully this will help. I had a little more time and took apart both rear door panels to access the speakers once more and this time I switched the left and right speakers and sure enough that was the problem.

It seems odd and coincidental that both driver side door speakers blew at roughly the same time. Maybe the original owner blasted the music all on that one side.

I though for sure there was problem either from the amp or head unit since both speakers on that side were not working and never thought it could just be the speakers themselves.

I have the stock radio in my 2001 ST. The drivers side volume is lower untill i turn it up half way. Then it works Ok. I think the volume control is dirty. Can this be cleaned with contact cleaner? Dave p.

When I was looking up potential problems with mine I came across that problem with a lot of ford trucks. Some people live with it while others investigated and I think it was caused by either a poor ground in the system or a pinched set of wires. It wouldn't hurt to pop the door panels off and take a look if it bothers you like mine did. Good luck.

Does anyone have a good recommend for some 2-way 6x8 speakers? Im not gonna go crazy and buy an awesome set of components for this old truck but something in the 75-100$ range.