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2005 Explorer 4wd problems


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February 19, 2010
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brighton, mi
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05 Ford Explorer XLT

I have a 2005 Explorer XLT I am having problems with the 4WD. When I start driving the explorer it feels like the 4wd is engaging and disengaging and the 4wd light on the dash comes on and off. The 4wd selector remains in 4wd auto when this happens. I can select 4wd high or low and the 4wd works fine. I also notice a dramatic drop in the instant gas mileage when it appears the 4wd is engaging. the abs light and traction control lights come on when the 4wd is engaging and disengaging. This 4.0 6 cylinder flex fuel engine.
I was wondering if this would be a transfer case motor??

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You could have a transfer case module problem, could be the motor, could be the abs sensor in the difference because they do go bad, and the other one is if your tires are woren uneven that can turn on your traction control/advance track or all wheel drive which is like 4wd. Because of the advance track/control track you have keep your tires warring evenly which means rotating them every or evry other oil change. I rotate my tires every oil change because of the advance track/control track.

from the sounds of it, the motor is working but not sure what to do. I'd second an ABS problem which determines when to turn 4wd on. You should have 4 sensors on each corner, rears might be exposed enough to get caked full of mud or some junk. If its nothing obvious i'd find someone who could read Ford ABS codes, usually a brake shop can, stealership for sure . . .

Sorry their is a abs sensor in the differential that gets gummed up from rust and salt. We replace those pretty normally (espicially if you live where they you salt and get alot of moisture. base part number 9e731

I just had a very similar issue, 4 wheel drive feeling like it was coming in and out when I would first start driving the vehicle but if I shifted it into 4 wheel high then back to auto it would drive fine. I went nuts checking everything and could come up with nothing. My tires were worn but I didn't see how that could cause the 4X4 issue. I had a new set of tires installed and the problem completely went away so I would take a real good look at you tires