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2005 Explorer alarm install...STUCK?


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March 28, 2013
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Howdy folks.. I took an an EX projoject that has me stumped. I am installing an alarm in a 2005 EX XLS. I have seen the 2004 mountaneer install as well as many wiring diagrams. I have the relays wired and ready and a pack of 1 amp diodes waiting to be told what where to go :)

I have also attached a scan of the schematic from the alarm.

for the life of me, I can not figure out what wires to tap and where to place the diodes AND in what direction they go? (I understand the cathode/annode +/- direction of current, at least). Attached pic shows the wires Im working with.

I have the EX gutted for access to any wires I need as I felt it would just be easier to gut her out since Im doing a stereo with 4 seperate x-overs in the rear amp rack.

after 2 weeks of searching, the 04 mountaneer is close, but I can not tell which direction to place dides, what wires to tap, AND I do not believe I have to run (4) wires to each trigger. I could be wrong, but I'm a big proponant of "less is more".

PS... the blue black had a 2ohm resistance AND 12 volts + ground when the door is open AND the factory alarm is not activated, when door is closed, dome is off, and alarm activated, the wire is at rest .

(2)BK.YL give me 12v constant and nothing on the other one..IM so lost..lol

https://www.dropbox.com/s/edectr8rd30eeqw/2013-04-03 16.45.32.jpg


great...cant figure out how to post images :(