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2005 Ford Explorer AC only Coming out one Vent


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December 11, 2010
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Mooresville, NC
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'05 XLT
I think this may have been discussed before, but my problem differs from most others.

First off, the heat in my 05 Explorer works fine, but the AC doesn't work as well as it used to. The AC blows out of the second row vents just fine. However, in the front row, only the vent on the right side under the radio blows out cold air. The one on the left has completely stopped working. The one near the driver's side window also doesn't seem to have the strong airflow it once did. It keeps me relatively cool right now on full blast, but it's only going to get worse once summer rolls around.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I mostly work on just the basics with my car, but some other threads suggest this issue could get expensive due to the labor. Any ideas?